COSPLAY LOVE! APK v1.0.2 (Latest Version) Download

COSPLAY LOVE! APK v1.0.2 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 06-11-2022 (2 years ago)
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COSPLAY LOVE! APK is a game that follows the story of a young girl who dreams of becoming a cosplayer, and a young designer who falls in love with her. The two meet at a cosplay event, and the young designer helps the girl to make her dream come true. As they work together, the two discover that they have more in common than just their love of cosplay. COSPLAY LOVE! is a light-hearted and fun game that explores the world of cosplay through the eyes of two people in love.


The main character works for an accessory design company. He’s been feeling stuck at work lately, but he can’t quite put his finger on why. At the beginning of his career, he was really happy to be appointed to the Product Design Department, but his designs never seem to get accepted.

One day, he decides to go to the all-day cosplay event as a joint participant. It’s been a while since he’s gone to one of those things and it should be fun to see all the new costumes. As soon as he arrives, he sees this beautiful girl in a really amazing cosplay outfit. They start talking and it quickly becomes clear that they share a lot of interests in common. The conversation gets more and more heated until finally they end up making out at the end of the event.

A few days have passed since then and the main character is working overtime when suddenly this beautiful girl from the cafe comes up to him and asks him out on a date. He can’t believe his luck!

To his surprise, the beautiful girl turned out to be the same one who had performed at the cosplay event the day before. She introduced herself as Mademoiselle and begged Newbee to be her friend.

The two of them quickly bonded over their shared love of cosplay, and soon they were spending all their free time together. They went on amazing adventures and explored new parts of the city they never would have discovered otherwise.

It was clear that Mademoiselle had captured Newbee’s heart, and he soon asked her to be his girlfriend. She happily accepted, and the two of them continued to enjoy every moment they spent together.

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