Bloons TD Battles MOD APK v6.19 (Unlimited Medallions)

Update on December 15, 2022 (1 year ago)

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Bloons TD Battles MOD APK is an extremely attractive tower defense strategy game, suitable for players who love high speed and hit the target to win.

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Unlimited Medallions

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Bloons TD Battles MOD APK is a successful game from the publisher ninja kiwi, because it has attracted 10M+ players. With the updated challenge levels, the number of downloads will continue to increase. Players when participating will have the task of controlling so that the gun hits and breaks the target of the balloons. But it’s not that easy, because the targets can move and are cluttered in a chain that runs around your shotgun. So, observe and shoot the right colors and you will achieve the desired results. The MOD version gives you unlimited medals to upgrade weapons.


In fact, this style of defense, shooting targets on this chain has appeared for a long time. However, until now, many people still love it, unable to resist the attraction. Ninja kiwi grasped this mentality and decided to release Bloons TD Battles with a mobile version. So players can join anywhere. If you are new, the game will have a trial stage and teach you how to play to get a good grasp. After a few trial matches, players will try their hand at more difficult levels. In each level, the map shows the path the balloons will take. Your task is to shoot all of them before the balloon reaches the destination. If you let any ball reach the end, it means you have failed.


Bloons TD Battles design many maps with beautiful colors, suitable for all ages. Only when the player groups three balloons of the same color will it explode. Colors will be randomly arranged, but you can also observe in advance to choose the best strategy. Another point that makes it difficult is that the ball bullets that you shoot also have an unknown color. If players do not arrange flexibly, it can make the situation worse. There are clear balls, you can shoot at any point. Besides, there are also zigzag lines that obstruct the shooting range. As time goes on, their movement speed becomes faster, even 80% faster than the original.


After each level, when you win, you will receive a medal, the faster you complete it, the more you will receive. These will be used to unlock new map types. You can also choose to buy aids to increase the firepower of the gun. There will be some special ammunition that uses medals to buy, once fired, they create a large explosion. Any ball within the bounds will explode. However, they are very expensive and cannot be used continuously, choose when you are about to fail to turn the situation around.


The way for you to control the guns in this game is very easy. You just need to touch the position on the track where you want the ball to go, then the ball will be shot immediately. As the speed increases, your operations need to be faster and more accurate. A shot of the wrong color will have a huge impact because you have to wait for more balls after that to destroy them all. The direction of fire is flexible according to your movement but remember if it is partially blocked it will not reach the correct position.


This is a very special feature of Bloons TD Battles, not only against regular AI, you can completely invite your friends to join the challenge. Game link is sent via facebook and then challenge friends. Two people will play the same map and measure who can shoot faster and explode more. Note that to play in this mode, you must have a wifi network or mobile data.


  • Bloons TD Battles promises to bring players the most valuable entertainment moments, considered the most worthwhile Strategy game on Android phones.
  • The difficulty increases as you get to the advanced level, in each level you will also face challenges when the speed of pushing the ball is faster.
  • Join the match against AI or invite your Facebook friends to play with you, compete to see who wins.
  • Use the medals awarded after each level to upgrade weapons, unlocking aids to make you an easy winner.
  • Players need to have good analysis and strategy to choose to place soldiers or cannons in the best position to capture.

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