Last updated: May 12, 2021

PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
OS SuportAndroid
MOD FeaturesOne Hit/God Mode
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Hours of your entertainment will be much more interesting with this fun strategy game South Park: Phone Destroyer MOD APK. Before you press the Download button, let me find out what this game is so attractive.

South Park: Phone Destroyer MOD APK

South Park MOD APK

Launched and released by Ubisoft, South Park is a game inspired by the American television series. Although it is a cartoon, South Park is not for children because the lines contain obscene, funny language. Joining the game, you will be reunited with four humorous main characters including Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, and Kenny McCormick, and lots of hilarious stories surrounding the town of South Park.


Surprisingly after its launch, South Park with this fun-filled strategy game attracted more than 10 million downloads. South Park is designed with classic tower defense building gameplay. In each game, the screen will have a maximum of two people and are in the opposite position. The game starts by drawing cards (South Park characters) and sending them to the battlefield. Try to defeat your opponent before they attack and get past your defense. Each person’s strength is shown by the energy bar next to the player’s avatar. If the energy bar falls to 0, you will lose.

Tactics in the game

South Park MOD APK

Although South Park is built on a humorous series, it is undeniably a difficult strategy game. The initial levels will be easy, but they will become more difficult later on. Especially if you want to win, you need to understand the characteristics of the enemy, thereby building up the most reasonable strategy.

Tactics are an important factor, but it is impossible not to talk about choosing the right time. Because after a certain amount of time your character can use some special skills. Capture that moment to counterattack your opponent. Also, drawing cards consumes energy. You only have 10 energy enough to draw 2.3 cards in a turn; If you want to withdraw more you will have to wait. Even some strong cards consume more energy. So you will have to consider carefully before making a choice.

Creativity for your character

Starting playing South Park, you will be able to choose the main character (called the kid) to represent you in the game. To make the character more personal, you can customize it by changing outfits, skin color, hair,… Your main character will join the battlefield as a commander. To create a unique character to be different from everyone.

Card collection

South Park MOD APK

Most of the characters that appeared in the original series are present in this game. You can collect cards and build your own rich collection.

Download South Park MOD APK for Android

If you are a fan of this fun TV series, the game South Park will make you happy. South Park simulates almost identical to the original series, from unique 2D graphics to familiar characters. Download to experience this fascinating game.