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Update on October 22, 2022 (1 year ago)

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Cafe Racer MOD APK is an attractive off-road motorcycle racing game for enthusiasts of the racing game genre. Challenge dangerous terrain and freely ride a variety of motorcycles, become the best motocross racer with ultimate driving skills.

Are you passionate about the speed of large displacement motorcycles and want to enjoy the racing feeling of famous racing lanes? Coming to the Cafe Racer MOD APK game, you will experience this fascinating game genre for free with many rich and challenging levels. Freedom to master the speed, explore a huge stock of racing cars, challenge with many dangerous roads and terrains with extremely beautiful 3D graphics.


You become a professional motocross racer participating in dangerous highway roads. Your task is to adjust and watch over the big vehicles to avoid a collision that will send you flying off the highway. Besides, you also have to show your driving ability and motorcycle performance skills to be able to receive the highest amount of bonus after each race. To control the motorcycle in the right direction of your strategy, you need to masterfully and flexibly use the control buttons in the two corners of the screen.


You don’t have to go head-to-head with other famous motocross racers, but your opponent needs to use your driving skills to get the bonus of the game’s big cars. Cars, trucks, dump trucks are rivals and obstacles that you need to overcome with your ultimate motorcycle driving skills. Take the wheel rolling through the gap of large vehicles when you want the challenge of squeezing your racing car.


The number of points you score after each race is the amount of bonus you receive. You raise your prize money even more thanks to your expert racing skills and performing difficult moves to score high scores. With a high bonus amount, you can completely use it to upgrade your motorcycle, equip with quality motorcycle engines to sweep and easily wriggle through difficult challenges.


Besides showing your passion for extreme motorcycling, you can also design your own motorcycle racing car in your own style. With a range of unique paint colors and a variety of impressive drawings, you are completely free to mix paint colors and combine drawings to create a super cool motorcycle racing like never before. The design of your motorcycle is completely independent of the amount of bonuses you earn, you can design your motorcycle any time you want. Explore the motorcycle design arsenal and create a variety of racing cars yourself.


The more you try new levels of the game, the more challenging it will be for you. The terrain became more challenging, the number of vehicles on the highway also increased significantly. To overcome difficult challenges in a simpler way you need to upgrade your motorcycle racing engine by selecting and buying off-road motorcycle racing cars with good engines, high speed and ability to help you Show off top driving performance to collect huge bonuses. Many different models in the showroom make it easy for you to choose, each car corresponds to its own characteristics of speed, precise rolling… You can completely change the appearance of the racing car after you buy that motorcycle.


You will feel like you are lost on a real highway with your extreme motor racing car thanks to beautiful, realistic graphics. The game’s graphics make for a constantly changing landscape that leads you from surprise to surprise thanks to the smooth transitions of this game’s graphics. In addition, you can clearly hear the sound of the motorcycle engine along with the noise of the big vehicle thanks to the sound effects of the game. Get lost in the world of motorcycling with more authentic and amazing experiences than ever with modern landscapes and catchy motorcycle racing sounds.


Connecting to the Internet will be a way to help you increase your bonus even more, besides you can also download a variety of motorcycle design drawings and completely free. Test a stable network connection to hit the highway with the most functional and top-of-the-range motocross bike.


  • Experience motorbike racing for free and freely master the racing speed.
  • Perform wheel roll, show professional steering wheel control skills.
  • Freely design a racing car model according to the player’s style with a variety of colors and countless racing car shapes.
  • Beautiful graphics, realistic sound effects.

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