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App Name Truecaller
MOD features Gold Unlocked
Version 12.44.201
Size 81M
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Updated on 11/08/2022 (5 days ago)
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MOD info
  • Premium Gold Features Unlocked
  • Google Ads Disabled
  • Amoled Black Theme Patched
  • CPU Armeabi-v7a Arm64-v8a
  • Enabled Who Viewed My Profile

Note: Some features are server side may be not work


Truecaller Gold MOD APK (Gold Member Unlocked) is an application for those who want maximum privacy when using their phones. If you are being bothered too much by spam, promotional mail, or spam calls,… Truecaller will help you ensure your privacy every day. Surely this application will not let you down.

If you are a smartphone user, it is no wonder that SMS messages or spam calls bother you every day. Somehow, they always get your personal information, phone number or name, address,… to advertise unnecessary services, even scam you. Many cases of fraud through phone calls have taken place with a very large amount of money, and almost when the authorities intervene, they cannot find the perpetrators and do not regain justice for the victims. in. There are many Android apps out there that can solve these painful problems, and one of the best is Truecaller. This application is the child of the publisher Truecaller, a very famous publisher and trusted by users around the world for the security of user identity. Truecaller currently has more than 16 million reviews on CH Play with a score of 4.9/5 stars, a really impressive number.


Although it is an application that requires a lot of rights to exploit information in smartphones such as manage calls, contacts, connecting to banking software, managing video calls, using google drive,… but Truecaller did a great job in securing user information. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide, there has never been a big case that Truecaller collects user information for profiteering purposes. All that this application requires the user to grant permission is for the benefit of the customer himself. Of course, Truecaller has not completely earned the trust of all users around the world because the access rights to your smart device when using this application are really too sensitive. In addition, clarifying how Truecaller encrypts your information end-to-end is not really transparent. It’s not like WhatsApp or Telegram is to make users feel secure about how they do it.

Truecaller also does not completely secure all user information, as it also extracts contact information and addresses of other contacts in your contacts. Of course, this only happens if you agree to this app’s terms. This is like sharing your name and address on social networks, not too heavy a problem compared to the benefits that this application brings.

Contributing to Truecaller’s data treasure helps this application to develop further and achieve more and more accuracy in the user search. But beyond the immediate benefits, this feature can also be a loophole for bad guys to exploit your images. If a bad guy wants to smear your honor, he can completely use your name with smeared images to synchronize on the system. This data will be persisted forever if there is no impact from the user.

If you can accept the potential dangers of Truecaller that we have outlined above, then Truecaller Gold MOD APK is well-deserved to occupy a place in your smartphone with the following great features.


First of all, Truecaller allows users to identify incoming messages and calls with relative accuracy. When using Truecaller Gold Mod Apk, you will no longer see the name “Unknown” calling. You will not have to hesitate between answering the phone or not answering the phone, because the caller information will be searched and identified by Truecaller Gold for you. With a huge amount of data updated daily by more than 250 million users, the information about the phone number calling in the area you live in is almost instantaneous. Spam calls, called by numbers on this app’s blacklist, will be blocked immediately. SMS messages are simpler, spam will be filtered immediately and you do not need to worry about it at all.


By name or phone number, you can find out that user information in a limited area. This information is considered by users to be relatively accurate. What you can find is your name, phone number, address, and phone service provider. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a personal profile picture of that person. Are you thinking the date application can do that and is the accuracy high? Then the number of nearly 2.6 billion synchronized contacts in Truecaller’s system will dispel your doubts.


If you’ve used the default calling apps, you’ll find them really annoying. Calling and texting loved ones are two different apps. To do banking with them, we have to use a third application. Truecaller simply encapsulates everything, making everything more organized. While texting, you can press the call button to contact your loved one. And all these calls and texts are free. Truecaller’s phonebook also integrates with Banking and saves friends’ bank and account numbers. You can transfer money or receive money from relatives quickly.


Truecaller uses a connection to your google account, so all data will be stored in your Google drive. Users can look up, check messages, or any transaction. And of course, users can delete all data without anyone being able to exploit this information. This is also how Truecaller gives users peace of mind that their important data will not be illegally exploited.


Truecaller application has a smart design layout, creating convenience for customers. In addition to the interface with default colors, Truecaller also provides a function to change the interface color for users to customize to their liking. What are you waiting for, choose a favorite color and enjoy the benefits of Truecaller Gold Mod right now?


Currently, Truecaller is being released for free on Google Play, but this free version has many limitations and ads. If you want all the features and no ads, upgrade to the Premium version. But you will have to pay a large amount of money every month. With our Truecaller Gold MOD APK version, you will not need to pay this fee and can still use the most advanced features.


What's new

We keep updating our App to make it better.
This version brings:
– Improvements for our call log
– Long press to change the default startup tab
– Selected animated emojis
– Urgent Message – Send time critical messages as urgent and the receiver gets notified with high visibility
– Edit message – Say goodbye to typos! Now you edit your chat messages after sending them
– Video Caller ID – Our biggest ever update to Caller ID!

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