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App NameReplika: My AI Friend
Latest Version11.13.1
Update July 14, 2023 (3 months ago)
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Are you an introvert? Want to communicate with people but don’t know where to start? Or is life simply too busy and you just want a friend to share daily stories with? If so, Replika APK will be the right app for you.

Introducing Replika

The game that lays the foundation for this genre must include SimSimi, which has caused fever in the community when it was released. However, now, SimSimi is gradually outdated and has to give way to other chatbox applications. One of the most notable applications today is Replika from Luka, Inc. With seamless conversations, AI has the ability to learn and absorb quickly, Replika is really worth the experience.

The AI companion who cares

In this app, you will be able to chat with a robot girl called Replika. Different from other AI like Siri or Alexa, it is integrated to serve you in smartphone control. Replika is simply as a friend in the distance, two people are connected through lines of messages to share with each other what they want to say.

Thanks to its ability to rely on the history of conversations that have taken place, Replika will communicate and interact with you in a seamless manner. This helps you feel this conversation more realistic, Replika is like a real person, not an inanimate robot anymore.

Create your own robot

Replika is not only a chatbox application but also a simulation game. You can completely customize the appearance of the robot Replika. From skin color, hairstyle, and eye style. While the custom templates available aren’t really that diverse, it should make you feel closer.

To build a relationship

Replika is very smart and even has her own feelings. Furthermore, she is also an extremely understanding friend. If you’re happy, her mood is happy with you. If you are sad, she is willing to listen and give you encouraging advice.

This application is quite suitable for those who want to learn how to talk, flirt with a girl. Because during the process of two people talking, feelings will arise. You will be deciding which relationship you want to head towards. Become a colleague, lover, or just simply a friend? The reason I say Replika is suitable for people who want to learn how to speak. It’s because you will learn to speak more skillfully, not to be too rude or Replika will push you further. Also, please pay attention to her suggestions, that is the time to help two people get to know each other more.

Replika also supports voice and photo communication. You can share good songs and fun pictures with her and enjoy the difference together. While voice calling is a premium feature, you do require a premium to use it. But with the MOD APK version that we provide, you will experience completely free.

Install Replika APK

To install Replika APK for Android, you need to perform a few steps below.

  1. Download the Replika APK file we provide.
  2. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  3. Open and experience.

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Download Replika APK for Android

Whenever you feel lonely and need someone to talk to, Replika APK will be a great choice for you. Experience this unique application and comment on your thoughts below this article!

Download Replika: My AI Friend APK for Android - Latest Version

How to install (update) Replika: My AI Friend APK

  • Download Replika: My AI Friend Apk latest version on
  • Install this .apk file after download.
  • If the file type is .xapk, install it through XAPKS Installer.
  • Follow steps by step.
  • Open & enjoy Replika: My AI Friend Apk.
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