Car Factory Simulator MOD APK v1.2 (Unlimited Money)

Update on June 10, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Car Factory Simulator MOD APK is a game simulating a car factory owned by the player himself, you must make a business strategy and ensure product quality.

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Car Factory Simulator MOD APK gives players the realistic space of a car factory. Your task is to continuously expand the workshop and develop the business. To produce a car, it must go through many stages with the support of many modern machines. Do not skip any stages because the output product is of poor quality, making customers unhappy. Show your strategy-building skills, how much sales will you achieve?!


Coming to Car Factory Simulator, players do not need to manipulate their hands too much. You are a factory owner, not a person directly involved in production. Initially, when new to join, players are provided with some capital and a way to get the car. Just set up the tools in the factory to run, it will automatically produce until the finished product. Securing the source of input materials and components is also an important factor.


An automobile workshop cannot have only one production line. Later on, the number of orders from customers increased and the number of orders increased. So as soon as you level up and are allowed to expand your workshop, you should immediately invest. The money you spend now to buy new line operating machinery is only a very small part. The more you produce, the more profits you make because customer demand never stops.


Car Factory Simulator will issue orders with many different requirements. Players are required to analyze these tasks and perform them properly. New car models are unlocked one by one for you to produce. Besides, the color of the car also needs to be noted. There are different types of colors such as red, green, poppy, yellow, etc. Depending on customer needs, make the right production to complete the order as quickly as possible.


  • Car Factory Simulator is a fascinating business strategy game about the dominant commodity that is cars.
  • Your main task is to produce as much and ensure the supply to meet the needs of customers.
  • Standardize production lines by purchasing modern machines.
  • Design new car models with outstanding uses to attract more customers.
  • The game graphics are simple, but the rhythmic coordination of movement and sharpness makes you excited.

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