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Castle of Illusion APK is a reimagining of the beloved original Sega Genesis, of the 1990 platformer film Genesis, starring Mickey Mouse. Sega Studios Australia aims higher with Castle of Illusion. Mickey Mouse is tasked with rescuing Minnie Mouse from the shape-shifting witch Mizrabel and must travel through an imaginary castle in order to do so.

Dive into the game, overcome the ghosts in a dark forest and then soar above the clouds. Once you step over the edge of a bookshelf, the books come to life and make you flinch. Castle of Illusion constantly places you in imaginary situations like these, both beautiful and dangerous. The game is successful because it is based on Disney’s greatest magic trick: the ability to pull you out of reality and show you the richness of your imagination in just a short time.

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Castle of Illusion APK

Castle of Illusion innocently begins with Disney figures Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a romantic outing in the woods. Their date is interrupted by Mizrabel, an evil broom-riding witch who takes Minnie away to a tower in the distance. Mickey follows the famous Castle of Illusion, where he must hunt down seven coloured gems to unlock Mizrabel’s compound and save Minnie.

Castle of Illusion changes perspective constantly. Most levels will start as a 2D spinning disc but transition into a smooth 3D maze or chase sequence in front of the camera. The game is constantly changing not only how you view it, but also the type of activity you’re doing.

The big difference is that the side-scrolling graphics of the Mega Drive version have been replaced with a mix of 2D and 3D visuals. This is a difficult balance to come to terms with, but here it has been handled with care and delicacy. It felt natural for the angle of view to change so Mickey could race off a rolling rock or navigate his way around moving gears.

The world is brilliantly colorful and amazingly magical

Castle of Illusion APK for Android

The Mickey movie itself is an excellent animation, like everything else in Castle of Illusion. It’s a game that shows personality even where it’s not needed, and it makes leveling topics almost never easy. Outside of a relatively boggy jungle world early in the game, there’s nothing here that can really be described as “generic”. Toy fortresses and huge libraries manage to create mundane objects that are both awe-inspiring and terrifying. A completely refurbished Candy Land, featuring a milkshake river and a licorice dragon, could win the award for the most colorful suit of the year. Castle of Illusion APK may be short, but its rich ideas never run out, and that has never been more evident in this HD remake.

Boss battles to newer technology

The boss battles in this new record usually take place in the third dimension. If you have played Castle of Illusion APK in the previous version, then you will be surprised and excited about the new technologies that the developer has adjusted to these boss battles.

Castle of Illusion’s boss battles is preceded by unmissable cutscenes. Most of these are brief, but the lengthy cinematic sequence before the final boss battle will test your patience.

Castle of Illusion is surprising in terms of cutscenes. A fully-voiced narrator introduces each level and provides commentary throughout the adventure, but the player retains control throughout, keeping the pacing consistent.

The short run time

Castle of Illusion APK free

While Castle of Illusion APK has many additions and changes to the original, one area where it differs is its length. Castle of Illusion’s remake is quite short and can be completed in just a few hours. Sega Studios Australia extends the mission with hidden collectibles scattered throughout each level and a leaderboard-driven Time Attack mode that will give speed players a chance to tackle multiple levels.

For a while, Castle of Illusion’s main source of the challenge was grappling with the controls. The fact that the game can be completed in less than three hours is both a curse and a blessing.

The short run time may be the only factor where Castle of Illusion APK increases in price over the original. You’ll finish the game in just over three hours, and there’s not much reason to come back other than to collect the gems you missed or rerun the levels as a test of time.

Joyful and epic music

Sega hired Grant Kirkhope, who wrote music for games such as Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64, to remake the Castle of Illusion soundtrack. He has the ability to make music that is simultaneously playful and epic, and his work here is amazing. Even if you have no interest in the original title, this version will probably make you nostalgic for something.

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