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Clash Mini APK v1.2592.6 (Latest Version) Download

Clash Mini APK v1.2592.6 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 30-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Join the game Clash Mini APK – the novel version of Clash of Clans will surely make you excited. This game has the latest version available on our site, you just need to click download to download it.

About Clash Mini APK

Are you a fan of Clash of Clans but bored with the old gameplay of this game? Do not rush to quit the game and look for another new game because game publisher Supercell has launched a new product called Clash Mini. Coming to this game you will not need to worry about building or managing the city anymore. All you need to do is focus on fighting. With many new combat features added, Clash Mini certainly won’t let you down.

The rich familiar character system

When participating in Clash Mini, you will meet the characters of Clash Universe again. This has greatly delighted Clash of Clans fans as they can continue to play their favorite characters on a daily basis. Especially because Clash Mini was born for battles, all characters are now capable of fighting. Each character will be set up with different skills, you just need to summon them to the field and they will fight hard until the division is won or defeated.

Meet the Barbarian King or Archer Queen champion or meet the brand new character Shield Maiden,… you can recruit them to your team with many different matches. The characters in Clash Mini are also divided into levels. The higher the level, the greater the influence as well as the ability to defend well and create great damage. Clash Mini offers players a character leaderboard where the star rating shows their strength the most. The more stars a character has, the stronger and more influential it will be. If you have played both Clash of Clan and Clash Mini then you can easily see that in Clash Mini, the characters have been much simpler than the original. However with the abundance in a battle will still make you unable to take your eyes off this game.

You can also choose to upgrade to make your favorite heroes stronger. By upgrading and unlocking heroes, not only do their skills increase but so does the number of stars. Try to increase your hero by 3 stars because this is the highest number of stars. In addition, completing the missions that Clash Mini assigns also helps players unlock new abilities for the character. Especially if your character reaches level 5 or 10, you are also allowed to adjust the character’s appearance to your liking.

New style arena

Clash Mini arena battles are represented by head-to-head combat. This means that the characters are in direct confrontation with each other – with each other’s army of heroes. Players will be allowed to send their army to expand the territory by invading other people’s lands. Although the field will not be limited in appearance, in reality, the arena is only 5 x 8 and is designed in the shape of a chessboard. Players will be allowed to summon 4 to 5 hero characters and place them arbitrarily in the 20 squares they own.

Create a strategy to win

In general, Clash Mini is not too demanding of you in terms of personal combat skills. Whether your team wins or not will largely depend on how you choose your heroes to go to battle and how you arrange your squad. But often the arrangement is more important than the character going to battle. For example, if you and your opponent both use the same characters, whoever has a more scientific arrangement will win.

Clash Mini matches only last 5 minutes. However, you are allowed to think tactically for as long as you want. The real battle only begins when you choose to fight.

Many attractive game modes

There are two main game modes in Clash Mini including 1v1 and Rumble with 7 other players. With 1v1 mode, Clash Mini’s system will automatically select random opponents for you. Of the two, whoever gets 3 points first will be the winner. The rewards in this mode are quite interesting including new characters, level-able skills and chests. As for the Rumble mode, it is suitable for those who like to play in groups. Each group will have a maximum of 7 members and participate in a large battle table. You and your team will fight until you reach the semi-finals and eventually become the strongest team in Clash Mini MOD APK. For each victory of any group, your group will receive a reward.

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