Crying Suns MOD APK v2.2.5 (Quick Victory, Immortality)

Update on April 11, 2022 (2 years ago)

Crying Suns MOD APK cover

MOD Description

  • Go to settings, then click Rate app, which will open the developer menu where you can:
  • Instantly win the current battle (Quick Victory);
  • Immortality (Toggle invincibility for player);
  • Go to any chapter (Set Current chapter);
    and much more.
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App Name
Crying Suns



Mod Features
Quick Victory, Immortality

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Download Crying Suns MOD APK latest version for Android. Join the raid on mysterious fleets in the universe. Discovered an insightful storyline inspired by the SF universe.

Introduce about Crying Suns

Crying Suns APK

Crying Suns is a strategy game in the science fiction universe. An empire that has existed for hundreds of years and spanned countless systems thanks to its reliance on autonomous AI creatures called ‘OMNI’ suddenly collapsed after all machines were mysteriously shut down.

Start by discovering Imperial’s secret clone base. You will get lost in a Matrix empire. All you see is a robot for tentacles called Kaliban. It informs you that you are a copy of Admiral Idaho and he woke you up because he has lost contact with the Empire.


Everything in the Empire was getting worse, all the technology had stopped working, devastating radioactivity systems. Your spaceship begins to take part in the discovery of the Imperial Empire. You will be assisted by Kaliban and two other cloning officers. You and your crew will begin a trip to take this disturbing twist together. The main objective of the Crying Suns game is to reach the end of each area. You will be fighting with other spaceships. Every system is up to you. At these times, the influence of Crying Suns begins to peek out. You need to manage the final resources for this journey. If you’re lucky, you can also collect resources from storage systems. If you run out of material, you could be caught and your fighter jets could hardly survive.

Crying Suns APK

The core of this strategy game is the battle between space ships. In these battles, you can use squadrons of four main types: drones, fighters, frigates, and let’s just call them big ships. During the course of each battle, you try to destroy the enemy squadrons. Then take your ship into the distance of three centers of enemies.


Crying Suns has a beautiful graphic background, similar to science fiction films. The details of the context, the people, the battleships are quite meticulously designed. Simulate the context of outer space battles. The Crying Suns’ mobile version has been redesigned based on what was previously available on the PC version, revamped interface suitable for touch screen interactions.

Install Crying Suns APK + Obb

  1. Download the APK + OBB file below the article.
  2. Extract OBB and navigate to the folder Android/Obb.
  3. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  4. Open and enjoy the game.

Download Crying Suns MOD APK for Android

Crying Suns is currently on sale for 10.27$ on Google Play. However, players can download it for free by referring to our article. Select a link to download Crying Suns APK for Android.

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