Cyber Shooter MOD APK v0.5.6 (God Mode)

Update on March 28, 2023 (8 months ago)

Cyber Shooter MOD APK v0.5.6 (God Mode)

Update on March 28, 2023 (8 months ago)

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Cyber Shooter



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God Mode

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About Cyber Shooter – Alien Invaders MOD APK

Explore the world with modern machines and fight against monster robots in Cyber ​​Shooter MOD APK. If you are a lover of exploring the world around you, you definitely cannot ignore this game. It takes players in turn to each different context; you are an adventure to many forms of space. However, this world is always full of dangers. Challenges waiting for you ahead are mutant creatures and out-of-control robots. They are ready to attack you at any time. Players must always carry a weapon with them to be ready to fight when meeting the enemy. Don’t miss any challenge because you will regret it. Things are getting harder and harder. Are you ready?

Select the desired character

For first-time players, you can only choose one default character. But that’s for Cyber Shooter – Alien Invaders to guide you through the gameplay. Once the game begins, the player is taken to other maps and must use his gun to take down any monsters on the way. Gradually gain experience and level up. Players unlock new characters. Each of these characters has a different appearance. Not only that, the weapons they use are also designed differently. In general, they are all guns, but the combat effect is completely different. You have the right to change your character at any time you want.

Join the fight with the Boss

In each level, you move along your path and will see enemies on the way. There are creatures that will not attack you immediately, but once they see you, they will spit venom, blocking your way. What you need to do is of course, dodge poison and aim properly to shoot again. Waiting at the end of the level are giant Bosses. They are many times stronger and bigger than you; each attack has high damage. So prepare good weapons to defeat them; great rewards are waiting for you.

Intuitive control screen

Cyber ​​Shooter’s control keys are designed to be simple and arranged in the corners of the screen. You need to move the character’s direction, press the up arrow button to make the character jump to dodge the attack. Simultaneously press the fire button to hit the enemy. Don’t forget to collect coins along the way to accumulate more coins. The buttons are of moderate size and transparency, completely not obstructing the player’s vision. The horizontal view is easy to spot enemies early.

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