Last updated: May 21, 2021

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MOD FeaturesUnlock DLC/Unlimited Cells
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Dead Cells MOD APK (Unlock DLC/Unlimited Cells) has its own style and substance, combining beautiful, fluid action with an interesting challenge and great replay value. The player plays a slippery parasite. Start the game by rushing towards the body of a fallen warrior, bringing him back to life.

Dead Cells MOD APK

MOD features

  • Unlock DLC
  • Unlimited Cells

Install Dead Cells MOD APK

To install Dead Cells MOD, you need to follow some steps below.

  1. Delete the installed original version.
  2. Download the Dead Cells MOD APK file below this article.
  3. Proceed to install the APK as usual.
  4. Open and experience.

Dead Cells is published by Playdigious. Recently, the game has been officially available on the Google Play app store after years of waiting. In the game, the player plays the role of a strange cell that occupies and controls the body of executed prisoners. Your main task is to destroy the monsters in the dungeon, find an exit, and pass the play screen.


Dead Cells MOD APK

Many people think that the guy we control during play is the main character. But no, the reality that we control is a mass of mucus. It looked like a cluster of gas, surrounded by a glowing orange gem. The main character does not seem to have any memories of the past, the origin, and the purpose of his life. However, after knowing the state of the world, the hero’s blood rises again. Our character is determined to find and hunt The King of the kingdom. And for that, he thought that the king was the source of all problems. Decided to find and eliminate the king. And so the protagonist’s adventure begins.


Dead Cells APK

The gameplay of the game mainly revolves around fighting monsters and adventure gameplay. On the way, when fighting monsters or bosses, players will pick up items and skins. Using them helps increase the power of the protagonist. Virtual control bar on the left side of the screen will help you move. There are a number of buttons on the right that allow you to use combat skills. It allows you to scroll under arrows or overcome narrow gaps. Jump (and double jump), throw grenades, activate traps and use your main and auxiliary weapons.

These buttons are small but spaced so there is no possibility of accidentally pressing. You can even edit their positions and sizes to suit your personal preferences. There is also a completely new automatic attack mode. Propose melee weapons when approaching enemies within range. It is a great way to get used to the fast-paced fighting of the game.


Collect power sources to enhance health and increase damage. Each one has its own perks, but consider relying on purple Tactics rolls. Tactics only slightly enhance health but significantly increase the potential of bows, traps, turrets, and other long-range weapons. This is also the index you will want to increase for critical damage skills, like Tornado and Death Balls. However, the real beauty of Dead Cells is finding the perfect fit for your own fighting style. Don’t be afraid to mix up stats, mutants, and weapons!

Graphics quality

Dead Cells MOD APK

Dead Cells have extremely impressive graphics. The game has a traditional style design with an 8-bit graphics platform. However, the development team has cleverly redesigned it to make a difference for its products. From the main character image to the monster, the boss. Moreover, the effects in the game are also carefully cared for. Bring a sense of great experience during the game. In addition, the physical effects of the skills very eye-catching and complete. Everything seems to add more color to the world of Dead Cells.

Although only a small game, but the factors that determine the success of the game are always be focused on it. Sounds are no exception. This is a decisive factor in the feel as well as helps gamers incarnate into the character better.

MOD APK version of Dead Cells

Currently, on the Google Play app store, Dead Cells is being sold for 8$. Therefore, we have a desire to bring it to all gamers around the globe. You will be able to download and experience Dead Cells for free through the installation of the APK file. Why spend 8$, when there is already a full paid version available? It brings the experience completely the same.


Dead Cells can be considered a super product for those who love the 2D role-playing game. In addition to possessing 8-bit graphics, Dead Cells also offers an extremely attractive experience. I have been immersed in it for a long time because I have just downloaded Dead Cells to my phone. And you? Do not wait any longer, select a link, and click the Download button to own it.

Download Dead Cells MOD APK for Android