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An attractive Role Playing game – Sparklite MOD APK. Players will enter the exciting adventure, explore new lands. At the same time, in the process, you play as a warrior who must confront the monsters and giants that are occupying and damaging this beautiful land. What are you waiting for without quickly joining to save the colorful Geodia land?

About Sparklite MOD APK

Publisher Playdigious drew inspiration from classic legends to build the story in Sparklite. After downloading the game and participating for the first time, players can enjoy a short film with the aim of making players understand more about the world in the game. You are the main character – the hero named Ada goes to rescue the lands occupied by monsters. Let’s overcome the challenge to complete your highest task of bringing back the magical land of Geodia to the peaceful days, defeating all the monsters and giants so that they have no chance to return. devastating again.

Sparklite MOD APK

Various challenges

First I will talk about the things that you need to do in this Sparklite game. Compared to the role-playing games combined with other action elements, perhaps Sparklite is not much different. You will control the character Ada, using the weapons and skills you have to fight monsters. The game is divided into 5 different areas with scenes such as jungle, desert, snowy mountains, mines, water maze. In each area will have different requirements, there are many unexpected elements waiting for you to discover. Monsters will always be lurking to attack you, need to observe carefully and attack them first to take the initiative. With the first screen, everything is very easy, but later on, the level will increase in difficulty, the number of monsters you face also increases, requiring you to fight carefully.

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Crafting and improving weapons

After each winning stage, the player is rewarded with items and a number of gold coins shaped like diamonds. To use items, go to the inventory to find them, Sparklite will give you instructions for you to understand the effects of that item for what to do, how to exploit the benefits from them. Those items can be used to upgrade the weapons you currently have, or if you are lucky enough to successfully complete the level, you will receive a new weapon. You have the right to choose which weapon to upgrade, which weapon to use for your part. For items or weapons that you no longer use, instead of keeping them in your inventory, sell them at the store to get more money. In the shop there are also many samples of rare items and weapons, use the gold you have to exchange for them.

Sparklite MOD

Explore and make friends

Like I said, joining Sparklite is like an adventurous journey. The world in the game is colorful with different stunning scenes. The deeper you go, the more new things you will discover that you have never seen in any other game before. In Sparklite, you will not be alone, you can completely communicate with the locals. Maybe the information they bring is useful for your battle journey. Do not ignore it, most likely those are the things that help your winning rate to be improved.

Simple interface, easy to control

Many players, after experiencing it, evaluate that Sparklite’s interface is very easy to understand, with just a few simple steps, they can control the character Ada according to their wishes. In the lower left corner of the screen, there will be a virtual steering wheel frame to help you adjust the direction of the character. And on the right will be the buttons with attack function, perform skills to launch surprise attacks. You can even combine combos of all the magic skills and moves you own at the same time to increase the damage to the strongest. However, you should only use them when surrounded by monsters, there is no way out because using combos takes a long time to recover strength. At each level you will only have four hearts equivalent to four respawns, fight smart!

Sparklite MOD APK for Android

High quality graphics and sound

What makes Sparklite impressive is its simple 2D pixel graphics. If you are a fan of the famous classic game Mario, you will surely be satisfied with the graphics of this game. Movements or shots of the character are smooth and vivid. In addition, the sound of the game is developed from the music of composer Dale North (Wizard of Legend) with a classic style, very suitable for the feeling that this game wants to bring to players.

Download Sparklite MOD APK for Android

To be able to enjoy this interesting game without spending any extra fees, freely earn unlimited money to use to buy items, please use the Sparklite MOD APK version that we provide. Surely you will have moments of entertainment that cannot be more wonderful.

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