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Are you a puzzle lover? So, the game Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins APK of the publisher Maze Theory is a perfect choice for you. This is a new style puzzle game nested with a story about vanishing people. You have the task of solving puzzles to find them. Sounds attractive, right? Quickly download Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins APK version at MODDER.ME page to experience right on your Android device!

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins APK

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is a thrilling puzzle game about the mysterious phone of a missing person. Players are put in a situation where they receive the phone. Based on the clues on the phone, solving puzzles to find the missing person. Your companion – Petronella Osgood, a former scientist at UNIT. She will ask for your help to find hidden clues and solve puzzles.

Great plot

The plot is based on the movie “The Weeping Angels”. At a seemingly abandoned house in London, strange things happened that caught everyone’s attention. Especially the fact that one person has mysteriously disappeared, no one has been able to find out where he is. You picked up the person’s phone. When holding this phone, you will know about the stories that the phone owner has been through. His name is Lawrence, mysteriously disappearing.

Attractive gameplay

When you start the game, the main interface will be the screen asking the player to draw a pattern to unlock. Enter whatever pattern you think of, and after three tries the phone will automatically unlock. A normal Android screen appears, including items such as photo gallery, emails, call history, texting, … Immediately you receive a call from a person named Petronella Osgood saying that you are in need of help. of you to find Lawrence – the owner of the phone and also the one who is missing. She will explain what tasks you need to do, how to solve clue puzzles.

Stimulates curiosity

The clue is in pictures, in email, or text messages. As you examine the pictures or texts on your phone, look for the hinting yellow exclamation points. The places where the yellow exclamation mark appears are where you need to be careful. Use the scan button in the lower-left corner of the screen to scan and save information. Send these clues to Petronella Osgood, to analyze and gather more information with her. The more pieces of information you can find, the closer you will get to where you are going to find Lawrence.

Search carefully

Sometimes information is not clearly exposed but is carefully hidden. There are even text messages that are noisy due to the fault of the phone. You should carefully examine, find ways to fix these errors to get more important clues. For example, you see in the text a piece of order information from Lawrence. Then you visit the store’s website, look up order information to find more clues. Things that seem very ordinary, but in fact contain a lot of important things. Patiently search, think carefully, connect the information to complete the task.

The element of surprise

The Doctor Who game increases the stimulus for the player by coming up with a call from Lawrence on his own phone from time to time. However, the phone is disturbed, the incoming sound contains difficult noise. The intention of this is to attract players, push up the spirit of searching for information to quickly find Lawrence.

Graphics and sound

As a puzzle game, Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is not heavily invested in graphics. Mainly the simple interface drawings of Android. In return, the sound of the game is very attractive. In addition to the sound of a regular phone, when there are unexpected factors, the sound also turns dull, appropriate with the context. It is the sound that contributes to the player’s focus more on the Doctor Who storyline.

Download Doctor Who APK for Android

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins was built by an award-winning group of creators with the game Sara Is Missing. So, this game promises to bring you attractive entertainment moments. The game is suitable for audiences from 12 years old.

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