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Endurance Premium APK is an extremely attractive survival shooting game for mobile phones. An extremely modern game scene in an old graphics style. Can you imagine what the game would be like? If not, join us to explore below.

About Endurance Premium

Pixel, apart from being a measure of screen resolution, is also the graphic style of today’s games. In the old days when gaming devices were not too powerful, even though artists could draw better games, the hardware of the devices at that time could not be loaded. So the games at that time had very low-quality images, you can clearly see the colored squares that make up that image. But now the gaming equipment becomes extremely powerful, configured enough to create stunning images, the screen also has tiny pixels, if you try to stretch your eyes to look, it is difficult to detect. OK. If any game has the same graphics as the old days, the quality is also low and clearly recognizes each square, it is called pixel graphics. When graphically beautiful games dominate the majority of the entertainment market, pixel games make their own way. Not too popular, but still has a certain fan base that won’t be forgotten. If you are also a fan of this graphics style, the Endurance Premium game is something you definitely cannot ignore.

Game plot familiar

The zombie is an unreal creature, because of its horror that it is used in many movies, games with horror or fiction themes. This game is no exception when using the zombie element in its storyline. You will play the role of an active researcher on an Endurance spaceship. The unfortunate thing that happens is that during research to search for a new type of matter, a disease occurs that destroys the entire crew, turns them into lifeless undead, attacks anyone who approaches them. You are lucky to survive and not be infected with that disease. Although she was not ill, being attacked by the undead was inevitable. You are carrying on yourself the responsibility to protect yourself, and find out what happened to the crew, find a way to escape from the ship of death.

Interesting gameplay

The game has a top-down perspective, you will control your character to move, attack or hide from the undead. The goal is to do the missions set out in the storyline. At the beginning of the game you have the right to choose your character, each character has different basic stats, choose according to your play style. To complete the mission is not just with two empty hands, during the game you will pick up extremely modern weapons. Equip the most powerful weapons to fight the dangerous undead.

Simple 2D graphics

As introduced in pixel graphics, that makes the game extremely light. The characters are designed in a way that is simple enough for you to recognize the shape and distinguish each of them. The game map is also simple but designed with many different rooms and obstacles, you can take advantage of them in the process of hiding, attacking the undead. The top-down view also makes it easy to observe enemies from all directions. This game’s background is futuristic, so lots of modern weapons you can equip. Contrary to the characters and the map, the weapon effect is quite beautifully made, which makes fans of these graphics more interested in the game. And you can use almost any smartphone today to be able to play this game, just because it is so light.

Endurance: infection in space APK version

During the game, sometimes some developer ads will appear, making your experience not very perfect. If they really annoy you, you can use our Endurance Premium APK. The edited version helps to remove ads, while also supporting immortality. You can use it if this game is too difficult for you.


The ad-blocking feature is not only available in the MOD version, even in the official version of the game you can also pay to be able to remove ads. This money will be donated to the developer who produces even more cool games, please support if you can. And don’t forget to share your gaming experience with us right below the article’s comments.

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