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Join the battles between magicians in the game Magic Arena MOD APK. This is an action game on Android mobile devices. Although it is an action game, it does not have a high level of violence, suitable for all ages from three and up.

About Magic Arena MOD APK

Battle Royale games from past to present have always attracted a lot of attention and attention. Because it creates a thrilling feeling when fighting, joy when defeating all enemies. If you are a fan of this game genre, you definitely cannot ignore Magic Arena: Battle Royale. Not only fighting with conventional weapons, but this game will also take you to magical battles. Use mystical powers to defeat your enemies. Publisher Tap Anywhere has built the image of mage characters with the power of magic. Players will control these mages to confront the enemy in each match. Magic Arena: Battle Royale has garnered thousands of downloads and the majority of people have rave reviews. So don’t wait any longer, join quickly to have a memorable entertainment moment.

Magic Arena- Battle Royale MOD APK

Choose your favorite mage

For each level in the Magic Arena, the player can choose the mage he will use. The game has 6 main magicians with different extraordinary powers including the power of fire, ice, electricity, trees,… Each mage has a different appearance, both male and female, there are even characters with a skeleton appearance. The moves that the characters use are also completely different. For example, for fire, there will be three moves: giant fireball, fire lava, three-ray fire,… The destruction of each of these moves is different. It also depends on the skill level. The more advanced you raise it, the more powerful it becomes. So you can focus on improving a single move that you like and can also level up evenly.

Diverse challenging terrain

As I said, Magic Arena will include multiple levels. The context of the game screen will be changed very diversely. Fight in the jungle, in the desert, or in the crypt with ancient ruins. Even fighting on pieces of land floating in lava flows. That constant change will keep you excited. Magic Arena provides players with a third-person perspective from above to observe the entire surrounding context as well as quickly detect enemies to attack. Besides, the control screen of the game is also collected to focus on the corners to avoid affecting the main content of the game, which is the fighting. It is convenient for players to observe to make quick decisions whether to continue attacking or retreat to heal.

Magic Arena- Battle Royale MOD APK Download

Collect precious loot

In each stage, there will be continuously appearing items on the road. What is that item? If there is a red cross on the pot, it is an item that helps you heal. As for the item on the bottle with different colors of blue, yellow, orange,… it is an item that helps you change your power. It means that for example, you are controlling a fire-type mage but you want to change to an electric-type, then collect a pot with a yellow lightning bolt. Your character will transform into an electric system. In addition, collect items of the same system to help you increase your strength. After each victory stage, you will have more gold and crystals to unlock and use more mages in the battle.

Online mode

The special thing about Magic Arena is the online game mode. Completely different from Battle Royale games that build bots to fight you, you will find it too easy. Coming to Magic Arena, you will be confronted by players from all over the world. They will have their own unique fighting style and unpredictable changes, so you also have to prepare good skills to defeat them. The higher you level up, the more formidable opponents you will encounter because they are of the same or higher rank as you.

Magic Arena- Battle Royale MOD APK for Android

Attractive graphics and sound

Another plus point of Magic Arena is in the graphics and sound. I feel that the mage image in this game is designed to be both cute and unique. Each character is drawn in vivid detail, has its own style, not boring repetition. The colors and the perspective of the scene are also very impressive. Besides, the sound of the game is fun and bustling. All combined create the irresistible attraction of Magic Arena.

If you want to freely shop for items, unlock higher-level magicians, you need to use a lot of gold coins. With the Magic Arena: Battle Royale MOD APK version that we provide, you will own the feature of earning infinite gold and crystal coins. Upgrading has never been so easy. Let’s just enjoy it!

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