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ExoMiner MOD APK v1.3.15 (Unlimited Money/Relics/Points)

ExoMiner MOD APK v1.3.15 (Unlimited Money/Relics/Points)

Updated: 09-04-2024 (3 months ago)
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Unlimited Money/Relics/Points
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About ExoMiner MOD APK

Travel and explore outer space in ExoMiner MOD APK. This game takes the player into the vast universe, the player’s task is to collect unique resources and minerals in space by fighting to destroy all obstacles that stop you on the planet. your space conquest.

Battle strategy

Lost in space, you will have the opportunity to discover many interesting things. However, your journey of discovery will not be simple because the enemy always finds ways to prevent you from collecting resources. You will confront Medici, Rockefeller and Bezos throughout the journey thanks to the ability to position the ship and use combat weapons to shoot down opponents. Craft the most expensive items to help you eliminate heavyweights and build the strongest space mining empire.

Game mode is not simple

To continue exploring the next journey in another planet, you must unlock the next level. Each planet will challenge you with a new opponent and you cannot use the weapons in the previous level, but need to create new combat items with more modern, more powerful technology. Destroy all that stand in your way and build your new planetary empire in space on every planet you’ve visited.

Build your own employee system

You manually build everything from scratch on planets. A small area in space will be developed by you, scaled up by mining, ore and other resources that have been buried for so long. You can completely sell the resources you earn to increase the number of miners on the empire you have built. Hire professional miners and upgrade machines to increase efficiency for resource gathering on planets.

Graphics and sound effects

The graphics realistically simulate the universe with game colors and details in a beautiful cosmic setting. The sharp 3D designs help you have an interesting experience in this game. Besides, the sound effects with the background music make you feel like you are in the real universe and there is also the sound of mining ore, mines or resources from machines and equipment as you build an empire in the air. cosmic space.

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