Family Island APK v2023195.0.38294

Update on March 31, 2023 (8 months ago)

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Family Island APK v2023195.0.38294

Update on March 31, 2023 (8 months ago)

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Download Family Island the latest version for Android to immerse yourself in the life of a farmer on a beautiful deserted island.

In modern life, people are depending too much on technology. In their free time, they often use their phones to surf social networks, watch movies, watch new videos on youtube,… When working, machines are helping people in all jobs today. From the muddy hands and feet like a farmer to the desk work like a newspaper writer, there are machines to assist them to make it harder. It must be recognized that the benefits of technology are driving human development incredibly rapidly. But have you ever thought about what life without technology would be like? Will your life still pass? Or will you face unresolved problems? All answers to those questions are answered in the Family Island game. Where you will transform into a prehistoric man and find a way to survive without any technology.

Family Island APK

Introducing Family Island

Family Island is a farm game, developed by the company Melsoft Games. The game simulates the life of a family trapped on a desert island. This place is completely devoid of any modern equipment, all just trees, and rocks. A family of four including Bruce, Eva, and two children are in desperate need of your help to get through this difficult time. Give instructions for them to follow and rebuild the home, then find ways to contact other families and build a thriving town.

At first, when you first arrive on this island, you will definitely find it difficult because people are too used to life using technology. It is very difficult to ask someone who only knows how to navigate through Google Map to use the stars in the sky to guide the way. But life is extremely difficult, there are only ways to awaken each person’s subconscious survival instincts to survive on a desert island. Will they be able to survive on this island and get in touch with other families? Let’s learn this game together to get the answers!

Family Island APK


The gameplay of Family Island is extremely simple, similar to the gameplay of all current farm games. Your main job is to grow vegetables, chicken, fish,… to provide a stable source of food for your family. Initially, in your hand only a barren land with overgrown grass. Please reclaim the soil by plowing, watering to be able to plant trees on it. Although it possesses very simple gameplay, Family Island’s daily activities will certainly appeal to you at any time.

Besides growing vegetables, you can also raise animals for a meat supply. First, you need to trap wild pigs, goats, chickens,… in the forest and train them. In fact, this job is very difficult and takes a long time. But on Family Island, you only need to be cared for and well-fed, they will quickly become pets. When the vegetables are ripe, the animals mature, you can harvest and store them.

Family Island APK

Unleash creativity

In addition to cultivating, you can also create more play areas, houses, kitchens,… These works need a lot of leather, wood, and stone so please store them a lot. These works not only help the Bruce family have a safe place to rest but also help them feel better and have a happier life.

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Download Family Island APK for Android

If you are looking for a game to help you have moments of relaxation, Family Island will be a great choice. Leaving the noisy city and immersing yourself in the peaceful natural scenery will help your spirit much more excited. So what are you waiting for without downloading this game through the links below our article and experiencing it now?

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