Football Manager 2021 Touch APK v21.3.0

Update on May 17, 2022 (2 years ago)

Football Manager 2021 Touch APK v21.3.0

Update on May 17, 2022 (2 years ago)

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  1. Download our DATA file and extract it from the ZIP “com.sega.score.touch” and put it in the Android/DATA folder.
  2. Let’s download and install our FM-2021-touch-v21.3.0-paid.apk file and log in to the game.
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Football Manager 2021 Touch



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A mobile game for football fans – Football Manager 2021 Touch APK. In this game, you will play as a coach and have the opportunity to build your dream team of players. I bet you won’t be disappointed when you join!

About Football Manager 2021 Touch APK

After many versions of Football Manager, this game has attracted a very large number of players and shows no signs of cooling down year by year. And by 2021, publisher SEGA has launched Football Manager 2021 Touch with a series of new features, promising to bring players the most memorable experiences. The game will simulate a football match with a squad of players and tactics built by the player himself. You will get fiery football matches from the perspective of a coach.

Establish and grow your own football club

Based on previous versions, the most basic thing when joining Football Manager is that you are free to choose players for your club. The game offers you a variety of names of players with their skills, strengths, and weaknesses in different positions. You will have to arrange and balance yourself to get the most potential players on your club, then have them practice to participate in tournaments with other players. But to have good quality players in the squad you also have to have financial resources. The game will evaluate your club’s popularity to allow you to call for investors. The higher the popularity of the club, the larger the amount of investment that will be raised, which means you can own more expensive players. Very interesting, isn’t it?

New simple interface, easy to control

Football Manager 2021 Touch provides users with an intuitive and easy-to-see interface. All players can easily access, understand the tasks that they need to do to get the dream team, how to improve the quality of the squad. From there, you will have a good experience and look forward to coming back to play many more times. The interface of the game is designed with the main colors of green, black and purple, looking very professional. Tool buttons will be along the sides of the screen and are white, each function will be explained in detail when you press the button. Having such specific instructions will help players understand and immerse themselves in the game more.

Game mode with new challenges

Football Manager 2021 Touch will feature 117 of the world’s biggest football tournaments in 52 different countries. Players will have to define their goal from the start, do you want to win an international first or simply to be on top of the country, but you can also choose both, going from national then to international, as long as your squad is good enough. The matches will not be easy because you have to face many players with different layout styles. If you just keep the same lineup forever, it will be very difficult to win.

Build tactics based on analytical data

In Football Manager 2021 Touch, there will be a trial mode for players to experience before starting the real matches. After those test matches, you can draw your own experiences and decide how to change to improve the quality of the squad. You will even have a virtual assistant to help you analyze information about your opponents, their players and yours, who is stronger, or when you add new players to the team. win rate is increased or not. Those will be useful suggestions for you to get a better match.

Upgraded graphics and sound

Later versions and especially Football Manager 2021 Touch are considered to have very beautiful and realistic graphics quality. The 3D images simulate the smooth passing and scoring of the players. In addition, the game also improves the sound, the cheers of the audience will definitely help you increase your fighting spirit. Especially if you are at the top of a tournament, Football Manager will create the whole scene of the team receiving the trophy just like the real matches.

Football Manager 2021 Touch is considered to be very close to reality when it comes to many new improved features, but you will have to pay a fee to be able to use all the features. But with the Football Manager 2021 Touch APK version that we provide, you will not need to think about any fees, just enjoy the best entertainment moments.

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