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Sonic is a famous name associated with the childhood of many gamers. With animated films, as well as games that 9x, 10x cannot forget. Recently, SEGA has released the official version after many years of incubation called Sonic At The Olympic Games on the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Sonic at the Olympic Games MOD (Unlimited Money) where players have experience the excitement of the 2020 Olympic Games. In the vast city of Tokyo, take part in exciting events at tourist attractions around the city.

Introducing Sonic at the Olympic Games

Just recently, SEGA has released the official version of Sonic at the Olympic Games. Previously the trial version was experienced by the gaming community and expected an official version. On 7/5, the official version was released for free. In just one day of opening sale, the game has reached more than 100 thousand installs on Google Play. The game is highly rated for graphics, moreover the audio system is also extremely interesting. The publisher has always satisfied fans for many years now. Previously, Sonic Dash and Sonic the Hedgehog left a good impression on the main character is Sonic.


Sonic At The Olympic Games will take you to the beautiful and bustling capital of Tokyo. It will take place in the Olympic Games this summer. The player (Sonic) will explore the city with his friends. On top of that, the main task that Sonic is here is to destroy Dr. Eggman’s plot sabotage the city. By attending the Olympics and getting as many medals as possible. Challenge villains and explore the bustling city of Tokyo. Can Sonic defeat Dr. Eggman in the Olympic Games and save the city?

Gameplay is fun, but also competitive. Participating in the game, players also experience a variety of content such as real life competition. The mentioned games are runing 400m, Archery, Karate, Diving, Shooting, Mountaineering Sports, Fencing, … Besides the main activities of the game, there are also mini games for gamers to explore. Meet the entertainment needs of this hot summer of gamers. Each character in the game will also have a unique personality. However, retaining the original value of this franchise.


The game still offers very familiar characters associated with childhood. The main characters are the hedgehog Sonic, and friends Tails, Knuckles, Amy. Besides, the villains are also familiar characters in the game such as Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Jet and Rouge. Players can freely choose their favorite character.

Become the champion

Join the game, players will try their best with gamers around the world. Therefore, the game provides a rating system of athletes. Players participating in the game will automatically be ranked according to the achievements. Your score level will be displayed on the global rankings. This means that, when you play a game in your country, then your rank as well as the name of the country will be updated on this scoring system.


The game’s graphics are also built with bright, funny style. Although the story is simple, but because it is a game about entertainment, it is suitable for mobile gamers who want to relieve stress. The game has lots of mini games with all different designs and styles. Consistent with the style of play of many gamers. Moreover, the splendid beauty of Tokyo city is also shown on the game’s graphics. Noisy sounds in the game is also an important point. Regarding sound system, the publisher has always done well on its games for many years.

Sonic at the Olympic Games MOD version

In-game currency is served for unlocking and personal upgrades. Such as increasing the speed for the Sonic.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: Allows players to use the currency in Sonic at the Olympic Games freely.

Should Sonic at the Olympic Games be downloaded?

If you’re expecting an Olympic Games to take place, it’s definitely a good idea to experience a sports-related game. Join the Olympic sports with Sonic now, defeat Dr. Eggman and rescue the city. With attractive sound graphics system, along with dozens of interesting mini games. Sonic game is definitely a game not to be missed for this summer.


Whereas the movie “Sonic”, produced by Paramount is breaking theaters worldwide, of course the “hot” of the title game also need not be debated. Download Sonic at the Olympic Games for your phone via the link below. Remember, the MOD version will not be officially released. Players who want the earliest experience need to install it manually via an APK file.

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