Gangpire: Fire & Fury MOD APK v1.7.0 (DMG/Defense Multiplier)

Update on July 30, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Gangpire: Fire & Fury Mod APK is a fighting game against oppression in an underworld full of malice, calling and developing the most talented warriors to fight the evil that surrounds.

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Gangpire: Fire & Fury


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DMG/Defense Multiplier

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You are lost in the underworld with the strict control and oppression of Skeletons, they are the most dangerous and scary criminal organization of all time. Your task is to use all combat skills, quickly complete the task to become the legendary Gang Boss. Let the wicked see your usefulness and give them a taste of suffering.


Fighting your enemies, plundering their resources, and suppressing them is something you need to convey to your crew. You will be the leader of the fighting army, so every order you give must be with the utmost precision. A good leader can train an elite army, so players must be really aware of their roles and tasks in each round. With support and help from the map, just a simple touch and move show the villains the terrible fighting power of the army. The mastermind will be really scared if you are able to lead your delegation.


Be a leader who listens and understands the needy lives on the street. The gang of villains has committed a lot of crimes throughout the neighborhood, causing pain to many heroes. Heroes will be in the most unexpected places, they have extremely strong fighting power and excellent skills. These street talents need to be discovered and enlightened. Listen to their stories, help them overcome the psychological shock and open a new path for the poor. Take advantage of their strengths, making them an effective arm to support you during the long battle.


Not only recruit street heroes, but you also have to skillfully communicate with many other gangs to borrow their hands to quickly destroy the enemy. So how’s this? In Clan, you should devote all of your abilities to develop the army together, they will be great allies to accompany you on every path. You will be truly amazed at the power of solidarity. The unified guild that you will join, choose wisely and wisely. Besides, negotiate with them about tactics and tasks to perform together.


The range of combat is so vast that your delegation must be powerful. The simplest aiming and moving skills are integrated right on the screen, easy to use and control. Each battle station will be defeated before the barrel of your gun. Expand your territory by shooting down targets and wiping out your opponent’s bases. Occupy areas that become your own battleground. After destroying the buildings, the game will open more bases and missions. Let’s continue your journey and quickly defeat all bases.


Guns, ammo and grenades are always found in the arsenal and even on the way to battle. Equip and upgrade the latest resources and weapons. In addition to a large army of forces and combat power, the ultimate weapon is what will make the opponent fear and falter. Countless guns and grenades are waiting for you to upgrade and collect, the manufacturer has given you too many excellent choices for you to choose from. It is important to know how to use the right timing and rhythm of the fight. In the most intense rounds, launch the most terrible attack with a series of bullets flying in the sky, exploding bombs.


Gold, silver, money, ammo and guns will not be too difficult for you because they are everywhere. As long as you quickly complete the task and fight bravely, the item will quickly find you. Each base you shoot down will always contain surprises. Every item is clearly shown on the battle map. It’s really too simple, you just need to run right there and take down the villains and plunder their resources. In addition to bombardment and destruction, resources are occupied by the enemy.


  • Gangpire: Fire & Fury is a game that turns you into a Gang boss in search of justice to rescue hostages trapped in the enemy’s oppression.
  • Build an undefeated fighting army that your opponents fear.
  • Hear each touching story along the way.
  • Alliance to increase strength and share in-game challenges.
  • The skill is designed to be extremely simple and easy to use.
  • Resources and weapons are scattered everywhere, watch and collect a lot.

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