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Homesteads MOD APK v30002106 (Unlimited Money)

Homesteads MOD APK v30002106 (Unlimited Money)

Updated: 25-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Become the owner of green vegetable gardens, food, animal care to exchange goods in Homesteads MOD APK. In the MOD version, players will own a lot of money to buy items and expand their village.

Homesteads MOD APK

Homesteads MOD APK

For many years now, the topic of planting fruit trees and taking care of cattle is still a game that many people choose for their spare time. Because you will be delighted to own a garden, day by day watch the fruit trees planted by yourself grow and develop. If you are someone who has a lot of time to nurture, care for pets and learn to do business with simulation games then Homesteads may be an option not to be missed. Released and developed by Enixan Limited, participating in this game, players will be the owner of a town in the context of life in the Wild West. Plant and harvest, care for animals, buy, sell and exchange goods to become a wealthy merchant. Not only farming and breeding, but you can also expand and build amusement parks for your people. Make your village unique right now with the experiences of Homesteads.


Homesteads MOD APK

Becoming the owner of a city has definitely been the dream of many and including you when you have read our article. Create an interesting environment with entertainment areas in the city, which attract many people, build facilities, factories to create jobs for your people. Besides entertainment, of course, your people must be busy with their hands and feet like everyone else during the day, can only work make money to eat, it’s not fun to have no money at all. The job earns the main source of income for the people by cultivating, caring for cattle, and producing the necessary materials for cultivation and husbandry. Sales, trade, and develop your city, create jobs for residents, entertainment areas to relieve stress after working hours.

Just like in other farm games, players need to purchase convenience store items from the available funds. Start sowing seeds and take care of them until the harvest season and take advantage of those lands, you can buy more animals such as dairy cows for milk, pigs for meat… and don’t forget to decorate your garden so that you can relax when you come to the farm. Players can complete Homesteads day quests to receive valuable items or large sums of money from assigned missions. Exciting quests and stories from the Wild West are waiting for you!

Interaction and exchange of goods

Homesteads MOD APK

In this game, players can meet new friends and can shake hands to help you. Build your city to become spacious and unique, grow together to create a city of your dreams. By exchanging gifts or items, you will return more valuable items. Moreover, in this game, players also have a lot of missions that need to be completed and explored. The criminals are always raging in town, players will have to catch criminals who are rubbing in town to prevent them from spreading fear to the people. Furthermore, players can also try their luck in Saloon; open mines and exploit underground resources; Ship unique delicacies overseas.

Like any other farm game, Homesteads allows players to freely decorate the city to their liking. Creates a classic Wild West metropolis. Meet the characters from the epic and exploit their lives, they will help you navigate the game and offer their services to the production of goods.


Homesteads use the familiar 3D graphics of other farm games like Hay Day. Homesteads is a farm simulator. The game has bright, eye-catching colors with very cute houses, trees, and pets, bringing a gentle sense of entertainment to the player. Besides, the soundtrack system is gentle and deep, very suitable for the gameplay of Homesteads. If you are a fan of farm simulation games, Homesteads is sure to be a delight to you.


Homesteads is a game with unique mechanics, graphics, and characters. You will meet new friends and embark on exciting adventures in the vast lands of the Wild West! Experience it now by choosing our download link.

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  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

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