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Return to Earth millions of years before the ice age with Ice Age Village. Your job is to build a village in the middle of vast snowy land, as a resting place for ancient animals. Click the Download button to download the MOD APK version of Ice Age Village that MODDER.ME provides!

ABout Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village MOD APK

Surely you have seen the legendary movie Ice Age, right? The cartoon about animals that seek refuge before the earth reaches the ice age has become the childhood of many people. And now the movie has been reappeared in the game Ice Age Village of Gameloft. Thanks to its entertaining gameplay and adorable visuals, Ice Age Village has earned over 50 million downloads and over 1 million positive reviews (Google Play statistics only). Are you ready to explore the icy world with hilarious friends in Ice Age Village?

Reasons for building an Ice Age Village

Although Ice Age Village has no specific plot, it stems from Scrat squirrels chasing chestnuts and accidentally plugging them into ice, causing a large crack in the ground. This affected a large area, making Manny, Sid, and Diego decide to look for another place to shelter. From here, the construction of a village that becomes a shelter for many animals begins.

Super addictive building gameplay

Ice Age Village MOD APK

It can be seen that Ice Age Village has a gameplay similar to Township, and other city-building games, differing only in ancient settings. There are many things to build in Ice Age Village, but initially, you need to focus on building shelters for your residents. This will attract more animals to live in your village. Ice Age Village has more than 200 different animal species, they are all ancient creatures. Although they can be enemies in the wild, in Ice Age Village they can live very well.

Lots of quests await

Every day the Ice Age Village will give you a list of what to do. Completing these certain quests will help you get more coins, oaks, and exp. Experience points help you level up and unlock more new features, lands, and items. Once unlocked, you can use coins to buy them.

Lots of fun minigames

Ice Age Village MOD APK

While waiting for your land to build or complete the quest, you can join the minigame that Ice Age Village offers to pass the time. Experience learning kung fu with Scrat, you will be brought to the middle of the icy sea and defeat the jumping cannibal fish that intend to eat you. In this minigame, Scrat only has 3 lives and the main goal is to defeat as many fish as possible. Another minigame with the protagonist is a sloth. You will dive into the deep sea and touch the number balls, avoiding the sharp thorns. All are funny and extremely funny.

Connect with friends

Ice Age Village is an online game with an element of idle. You can visit other lands of friends, relatives or anyone else with similar interests as long as you make friends. Thanks to this feature, you can connect with your friends and grow together with a great land.

Graphics and sound

Ice Age Village’s graphics are unquestionable, with crisp, stunning 3D style. Detailed images with dramatic colors, simulating an ancient world rich in flora and fauna. They are designed extremely detailed from animals, trees to rock walls, waterfalls to sid’s snow sculptures. The sound is also great, you can listen to familiar melodies in the animation again.

Download Ice Age Village APK for Android

Ice Age Village is a great entertaining game. But I think Gameloft can do even better than that, so I’m looking forward to the future updates of Ice Age Village. If you are interested in Ice Age Village, download the link that we provide to experience it.

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