Kingdom Guard APK v1.0.387

Update on March 27, 2023 (8 months ago)

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Kingdom Guard APK v1.0.387

Update on March 27, 2023 (8 months ago)

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Kingdom Guard is a tower-defense game combined with merge gameplay where the player will need to defend an egg. Merge slots, watchtowers, and new heroes will be continuously unlocked as you complete the levels.

Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard gives players the exciting experience of protecting an egg from monsters that constantly appear. You will use heroes and send them to different watchtowers to destroy enemies. At the same time, the merge system will help you increase the level of these warriors and overcome many different challenges. For sure, there will be many things unlocked that make you fall in love.


In Kingdom Guard, the player will appear an area with different watchtowers, and the protected target is the egg at the end of the path. At the same time, this target is always in danger because there will be waves of monsters appearing and trying to move there. On the path that they pass, you will see watchtower positions that you can take advantage of to place warriors and destroy them quickly.

Kingdom Guard

You will experience the tower-defense game genre and its mechanics utterly accessible to many different players. At the same time, some factors that differ from some games of the same genre are that the watchtower positions will be locked for the most part at the start of the level, and only a few can be used. You also experience a newly added gameplay called merge, where you will create higher-level warriors to fight off brand new enemies.


With two gameplay appearing in Kingdom Guard, then surely this game’s game screen will be split in two. You can see what’s happening in the upper and lower areas, which are cells with warriors of different genres. Your job is straightforward; it is to put them in tower positions to destroy the enemy and merge two warriors that are similar in characteristics and level to help create stronger warriors.

Kingdom Guard

Over time, you will be able to destroy many different monsters, and you will certainly get a certain amount of money. This money is usually used to buy new warriors, and at the start of the game, the level of the warrior that can be bought is level one. At the same time, you can find different warriors to use as merge materials and quickly replenish the warriors that appear on the field.

One feature that you will need to know when experiencing this game is that you will always observe the area you protect and go through many different battles. In other words, you will face waves of monsters that constantly appear and try to reach the egg you are watching. At the same time, in each new match, the strength of the warriors will not be reset, so you will continuously increase their strength, and this power-up is completely challenging.

Kingdom Guard


As noted above, in Kingdom Guard, players will find a limited number of watchtowers and related elements that they can use. Of course, they will continuously be unlocked when you reach certain game levels. The elements unlocked in this game are not in the same order at all, and besides the watchtower, you can also open some merge boxes to find many heroes and continue your merge process.

Besides unlocking the location-related feature to place warriors, players will love when a new warrior increases their party. When you buy a warrior, you will need to pay attention to that; the game will lead to any outcome. So you’ll need to find a way to take advantage of these new heroes’ powers, such as continuing to merge high-level warriors or sending them to the magic circle in exchange for gold coins.

Kingdom Guard

Players will manage a system of watchtowers and mighty warriors:

  • Players will see a path leading to the egg that they will need to protect from monsters that appear in various waves.
  • The watchtowers will be suitable for the heroes to stand and attack the monsters that constantly appear not to reach the egg.
  • New warriors will constantly appear, and you will use the merge feature to help them level up and have a chance to destroy powerful enemies.
  • New elements will be unlocked, such as the number of watchtowers and merge slots, giving you many opportunities to use different warriors.
  • You will go through many different battles, and their difficulty will increase over time, and the strength of the warriors will be improved.

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