Life of King MOD APK v0.23.45 (Unlimited Resources)

Update on November 27, 2023 (6 days ago)

Life of King MOD APK v0.23.45 (Unlimited Resources)

Update on November 27, 2023 (6 days ago)

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Life of King



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Unlimited Resources

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About Life of King MOD APK

Become the head of a prehistoric tribe in Me is King MOD APK. This is a management simulation game suitable for all ages from 3 and up. When participating in this game, you will be the one in charge of managing your tribe. By summoning the wanderers, build a village where they can live. In this village, it is necessary to carry out farming activities, organize hunting and prevent wild animals from destroying the village. Continue to expand your land and attract more people. The life of the tribe is growing, you are loved and worshiped by the people. Not only stopping there, there are also activities to find mysterious ruins and hidden treasures.

Simple idle gameplay

Like the name of the game Life of King, right from the moment you join you are defaulted to be the leader. Meet the villagers first and assign them tasks. Initially, your tribe will be very few people, but the longer you reach the higher level, the more manpower you will possess. The special thing here is that you do not need to manipulate much. Simply select the number of people to perform each task, then they automatically go to do it without any other control. So you just sit and direct until the job is done.

Constantly expanding the land you own

The growing population forces players to expand their land bank. As a good king, make a long-term development plan. You can completely create an extremely beautiful farm by placing adjacent farming plots. Separate the farm part from the house. Do not forget to build a fence around the area where people live, wild animals can attack at any time and destroy the entire village. Hunting for more meat is also an indispensable activity.

Organize other activities for people

Besides the usual farming and hunting, Life of King also creates some other activities for players to not become boring. For example, going to explore the ruins of other tribes who lived from ancient times before, learning from their experiences. And maybe in the ruins there are maps leading to where precious resources are stored. Your village will become very rich if you own a large amount of resources. For his people, actively participate in the search for buried treasure.

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