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Lumino City MOD APK is a video game for those who love crafts and want to explore the workings of machines cut and glued with paper. All activities take place thanks to the control of the rope, you will build yourself a separate city!

Lumino City creates a creative space for anyone who is passionate about paper folding, loves manual cutting and puppet control. Practical activities will be recreated in a small city, and that is your home. Stories are built when life comes into play. You need to find out the secret that he and his brother left behind in order to find them quickly. How would a paper city work if you owned it? The game was able to work smoothly on 64-bit devices!


Lumino City MOD APK

The journey to explore the world of Lumino City is extremely thorny and challenging when you cannot be distracted by the beauty of the buildings. In each building, there will be terrible secrets from the past. You can easily find out the reason for the disappearance of a loved one. An adventure in the city begins. Many craft games need you to come up with creative ideas for the current design. Some other requirements need you to find out the password left by the family. However, the biggest task is still to save the family and the city from destruction.

Lumino City MOD APK

Following the construction activities of the people, you will need the support of the system from equipment and tools to new places to develop. Sometimes, in the tests, you will encounter failures. But don’t worry, things can still start. The idea is yours, and we let players undo their actions.


The necessary blueprints will make the story you need to learn about Lumino City unraveled. Tiny buildings will be created one by one. However, the difference between this city and the rest is that they are made of paper. Manual creation will be performed right on your device under the guidance of the system. The buildings will connect with each other and create a series of structures suspended in the sky. Multiple pieces of paper put together will help the building to stand. The ropes will help you change the texture of the house. In any case, they are like adjustable puppets.

Lumino City MOD APK

The blueprints will be the essential choice for a craft practice session. Players prepare a basic drawing and start assembling small pieces of paper. Until houses are formed, combine them into one large block and expand them with more buildings. Many extra items will support the creation of day or night space. More stars, a giant moon cut with eye-catching color, or a small cloud flying in the middle of the sky. It’s hard to believe they are created from paper and by yourself!


The creative ideas that Lumino City put into its story have created a global trend. Wherever you are, you can also make crafts and unleash your skills. With the support from the extremely professional rendering technology system, the city becomes much more beautiful. Some soothing music will be selected as the sound as you build. Some thrilling music will be applied as your exploration begins.

Lumino City MOD APK


Lumino City gives you the quietest time for designing and building your own world with sheets of paper. Now, in each of his activities, players will clearly show their ingenuity and intelligence. Many constructions are erected means the completion of your city. In those buildings, the family’s kept secret will be revealed. Your mission in this memorable action series is to find your beloved grandfather and dear brother.

Lumino City MOD APK


  • Become a master at crafting paper into beautiful buildings by participating in this exciting city-building game as a leader.
  • Participate in supporting the people living in the city by creating many interesting entertainment facilities such as amusement parks, houses, bus stations, and tall buildings.
  • Create hundreds of versions of buildings with the most unique design ever. Make buildings changeable according to your wishes with strings.
  • Following the family’s search for secrets to save the city from collapse, you will receive many lessons in the process of realizing your intentions.
  • Connect with the system through small chat items. Players can leave reviews or contribute to improving the game with the most positive comments.

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