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Mafia City APK v1.7.333 (Latest Version) Download

Mafia City APK v1.7.333 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 29-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Mafia City
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Mafia City APK is a strategy role-playing game based on the concept of the criminal underworld. There are millions of other players competing head to head. Are you the strongest person in the underworld? Please prove it right away by clicking on our link below and fight.

Mafia City APK

Mafia – a name we must have seen more or less somewhere. This is an underground criminal organization, with a growing power gradually becoming a very dangerous criminal organization. If one day you became a member of this organization, how would you avoid police arrest? At first thought, it was interesting, right? This seemingly impossible thing can come true with Mafia City.

Mafia City

Mafia City is a realistic simulation of beautiful cities in a variety of colors. But behind that flashy beauty is the proliferation of the leading gangs of underground organizations. As the leader of a gang, you will join other brothers to perform a series of crime missions from looting, racing, shooting,… even murder. The ultimate goal is to bring your gang to first place in the underworld.

Attractive gameplay

The first step to becoming a real organization, you need to have your base. There will be nothing for nothing in Mafia City, that is, there is no house available, you have to go out to complete the tasks to buy a house. The quests are also extremely diverse and relatively easy to do. However, to get the final reward, you not only need to complete the mission but also avoid the police’s arrest.

Mafia City

Like in real life, reputation is the most important thing for every organization. In Mafia City, too, initially, when the reputation is low, your gang will often be watched by the police and become prey for other gangs. Raising your reputation, building a strong gang is the only way you can change things. No need to be afraid of the pursuit of the police, you can also directly attack and retake the bases of other gangs.

The pace and speed of fighting in Mafia City are relatively high. That means the confrontations between the gangs will constantly break out. If you want to maintain your position, you can only always be ready and equipped with the best possible wits.

Base construction

Mafia City

As mentioned above, building the base is extremely important. Not only building a simple base, but you need to build a strong base system with many different buildings. Each building has a certain function such as a hospital to an ambulance for your brothers, a training center where you can unlock new brothers, and so on.

Become a real Mafia boss

To become a Mafia boss, your gang must be really strong, occupying many new bases. However, only fighting and conquering new lands is not the most effective measure. Why do I say that? Because the number of gangs in Mafia City is so much, no matter how strong your army is, it is impossible to destroy them all. Sometimes suspending, shaking hands with other strong gangs is the most reasonable tactic.

Download Mafia City APK for Android

Becoming a Mafia boss is your longtime dream, so Mafia City is definitely an option not to be missed.

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