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State of Survival MOD APK v1.21.90 (Menu, God, DMG, Unlimited Skills)

State of Survival MOD APK v1.21.90 (Menu, God, DMG, Unlimited Skills)

Updated: 25-04-2024 (3 months ago)
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State of Survival
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Menu, God, DMG, Unlimited Skills
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Download now State of Survival Mod APK (Menu, Skill CD, God, DMG) to have a lot of experience about a completely new, interesting, and attractive survival world. Are you impressed with movies about Joker? Have you ever been haunted by the Joker’s mysterious smile in the movies you watch? And you are a follower of horror and survival games. State of Survival Mod Menu is a very popular horror and survival game for players who are passionate about the survival world, and this is also a game inspired by movies, the storyline revolves around Joker to integrate into the game. this game.


State of Survival will take you lost in the zombie world – where only you and the city army have not been infected with the virus. You have to fight with hundreds of zombies in the city for survival and escape from this scary city. Are you mentally prepared to enter the battle between you and the zombies? Let’s fight together now!


Entering the world of survival among hundreds of zombies, you need to build a smart strategy to destroy all zombies in the city and protect your safety. You should prepare a lot of coins, gold to equip high-class weapons to help destroy many zombies at the same time, at the same time, you also need to find lucky people who are not infected with the virus to fight with hundreds of zombies with you. The rest help you to survive in this city and rescue the city from the zombie apocalypse.

State of Survival: Zombie War


You move to many places to destroy and escape the search of zombies, you have to build a base to hide in case the weapons are not strong enough or you do not have help from the army, the city police. The shelter will help you escape the pursuit of zombies, preserving your life. In addition, the shelter is also a great battle strategy location when you gather the strongest fighting force to fight zombies.


In each zombie killing battle, you will collect many coins and gold. Kill many zombies at once to collect as many coins as possible. You absolutely earn more gold on the exact location you move to, note you need to watch to not miss the rare gold chests.

State of Survival: Zombie War


When owning a lot of coins and gold, immediately upgrade your weapons. Choose and replace powerful guns to kill a bunch of zombies and save the city from zombie domination. In addition to upgrading zombie-killing weapons, you should equip and choose locations where zombies appear a lot to plant bombs to destroy a series of zombies without spending your energy and bullets.


You have to fight hundreds of zombies by yourself when you first enter the game. Many difficult challenges are waiting for you to try, the difficult challenges are mainly about the growing number of zombies that are very strong, you must destroy them quickly to limit the growth of zombies. Conquer the difficult challenge and try to overcome it to become the hero to save the city.

State of Survival: Zombie War


You will have difficulty in the first step when you do not have enough coins, gold gathers powerful allies to destroy zombies, so you have another choice to help preserve your life, and at the same time perform the task of killing zombies. is to become an associate in the military. To become a partner in the city army you need to find and join as soon as there is a notice from the city army.


You will be completely overwhelmed by the excellence of the graphic creator of this game. Standard cinematic color graphics, each character’s movement, and zombies are very realistic, making you sometimes scared when participating in the game before the shape of the zombie army. The color of the game also makes players satisfied with the sharp, 3D color form that brings a great experience when you join the game.

State of Survival: Zombie War


In addition to carefully invested graphics, you are also surprised by the extremely creepy sound effects of this game. Savage laughter, zombie footsteps, and battle sounds are integrated at different times to make you feel a sense of suspense and sometimes even fear. Therefore, you must prepare a tough spirit and prepare mentally when choosing this game to participate in.

With the genre of survival games with many new game features, surely as a fan of survival games you cannot ignore this fascinating game. With many challenges that require careful tactical calculation along with the difficulty of the war between you and the zombies, conquer all challenges to carry out the task of saving the city, bringing peace to the world!

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