Zooba MOD APK 3.11.1 (Show Enemies/Items In Grass, Can Shot In Water)

Publisher:Wildlife Studios
Latest Version:3.11.1
MOD Info:Show Enemies/Items In Grass, Can Shot In Water
Requires:Android 6.0+
Last Updated:27/11/2021 (16 hours ago)
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In Zooba MOD APK, you will be fighting the animals in a flat map of grass, ice, and snow environment. Compete against 34 other players on the same map and become the winner when you are the last survivor.



Zooba stands for Zoo Battle Arena, which is a MOBA style survival game developed by Wildlife Studios. The game gives players an interesting way to bring the animals in the zoo into a survival action game. With a map of 35 players, the game brings fast-paced gameplay with only a maximum of 5 minutes. Online multiplayer games always have a big draw. Here, players can compete with each other and compete for the throne in Zooba Zoo’s wild zoo. Hurry up and download Zooba MOD for Android devices to feel how the survival game combined with MOBA will be like.


As mentioned in the introduction, Zooba is a survival game combined with MOBA gameplay. At the beginning of the game, players can choose for themselves one of the three available characters: Buck, Bruce, or Nix. Each character has its own characteristics. Players can choose depending on their preferences and tactics. During the experience, players also have the opportunity to unlock a lot more characters.


Players can choose one of two game modes that are Solo or Duo team. At the beginning of the battle, the player can choose their battle area on the map. Players will not be dropped from the plane like Free Fire or Fortnite but instead, just choose the location and move to where you want to start. The game will be fast-paced with only 35 players on a map. Each match lasts only 5 minutes. It does not take as much time as other survival games. Start the game by finding weapons on the map. There will be 3 choices of weapons for players. It is a 2-armed gun, bows, and bombs, some of the more fortunate players are able to pick up the blood box. With the combination of MOBA gameplay, those skills will have cooldown time that requires players to use flexibly.

The grassy environment on the map will be a place where other players cannot find you if they are not near. Players can use hiding strategies and identify other players’ areas and locations and destroy them with bombs. The map will be narrowed down and the number of players will be smaller because of the frequent encounters. Requires skilled combat skills of the player to move and surf to avoid the attacks of the opponent. The last survivor on the map will be the winner.

Install Zooba MOD APK


To install Zooba MOD APK for Android, you need to do a few steps below.

  1. Download our Zooba MOD APK file.
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  3. Follow the installation steps and complete.

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