Last updated: June 23, 2021

PublisherMy Town Games Ltd
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London city modern mixed with splendid ancient beauty is the next place for children to explore in the fun game series My City. Click the link below to download the free My City : London APK and start your tour of this famous city right now.

About My City : London APK

My City : London APK

For families with small children, surely it is no stranger to the My City game series from the publisher My Town Games, right? The games in this series are popular not only for fun entertainment but also for sending many useful messages and lessons for children. If the previous part, the children went and visited New York City, today, London is the next place for children to have fun and visit many beautiful monuments and landscapes.

What’s new in My City : London?

Lots of great places

A London miniature will be reproduced in full detail and vividness in My City : London. Are you ready to pick up your suitcase and go explore right now? Coming to this game, you not only have the opportunity to visit many famous landmarks but also participate in daily activities with native people. Coming to London, you can not ignore the Queen’s palace, where you can see the bodyguard’s parade. And if you’re lucky, you can even meet in person and talk to the queen. And of course, can not ignore the shopping paradise on the streets of Oxford. This place brings together the world’s top fashion brands, the fashion capital is always full of lights waiting for you.

My City : London APK

Wake up in the morning, walk around Trafalgar Square and feed the pigeons. At noon, eat at a luxury restaurant in the expensive city center. Is it time for dinner? Let’s go to Fish & Chips restaurant nearby and do some eateries. Lots of fun activities and many fascinating places are waiting for you.

Experience street art

Along the busy old streets you will find a very different London from the splendid luxury hotels or royal palaces. With the guidance of other kids, you can join spontaneous bands on the street, watch magic performances or buy souvenirs on shopping carts.

Meet new characters

From the moment you step off the airport, you will meet new friends, the friendly and polite London people. It will be the taxi driver, the waitress, the restaurant owner, and they will join you on this journey to explore the city of London. A few special characters only in My City : London can include the Queen of England and members of the royal family, the gate guard in the palace,…

My City : London APK

With your character, you can unleash your creativity and customize it to your liking. There are many fashion stores along the street, so you can go there to enjoy shopping. Select hair, painting, clothes for the character by touching and dragging the items you want.

Graphics friendly for children

The games in this series all share a similar drawing and design. But as you can see, the more games that are released later on, the more attentive it is. The environment and setting are meticulously designed in London style. Bright color harmony, cute character. Because this series is meant for children, always say no to violence.

Download My City : London APK for Android

The games in the My City series are all linked together and are always under extremely strict content control. In My City: London, there are hundreds of activities and interesting content for children to explore and stimulate creativity. However, children playing on the phone a lot is not good, you should control their playtime accordingly.