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My Town: City Building Games MOD APK takes players to a world of dolls with interesting characters and locations that you can see. Many areas allow you to build freely, and unexpected fruits await you.

My Town: City Building Games owns many exciting places to explore and characters that players can meet. Alongside the exploration, players will find several locations with building icons, and they can place an item from the game’s suggested list. At the same time, over time, they will be able to collect more heart points and unlock surprise rewards.


When you start My Town: City Building Games, you will find a fully designed city with different characters you can find. So, like the other titles in the My Town series, you begin your exploration again. There is much to explore, and the number of elements that can interact with each other is also quite impressive. With the characteristics of a doll world, the game will help you have many remarkable entertainment times.

My Town: City Building Games MOD APK

Players will observe the city with a comprehensive perspective and can move to any location they desire. Specifically, they can quickly go to other locations to meet characters with completely impressive appearances with just simple swipes. At the same time, you can touch any location depending on your preference and try the possible possibilities inside the game because this is a world of dolls.


Once you’ve mastered certain features in My Town: City Building Games, you’ll begin your exploration. You will need to pay attention to this game to collect many hearts that appear in different locations. At the same time, to see these heart points clearly, the player can easily enlarge the screen and touch them. Impressive gifts wait for you to unlock when you collect enough heart points.

My Town: City Building Games MOD APK

When exploring a specific place, some empty areas will appear and come with a construction icon so players will immediately recognize it as a place to add new items. Specifically, when they click on that area, some items that can be placed immediately appear, and depending on the player’s preferences, that location will have specific changes. Of course, these items are related to the characters in the game.


It is a doll world, so there will be many things that players can do in My Town: City Building Games. Specifically, the player can go into a specific house and touch any element you desire. You can drop objects, give objects to a character, or even explore other rooms in the house. Also, in case the player doesn’t find any characters, there will be a character list for you.

My Town: City Building Games MOD APK

This character list has an interesting point that you can drag any character you want from the list to a place you want. It is perfect when anyone can’t drag a character from one location to another, especially when their distance is far apart. Also, as you explore some locations, some new characters will appear, and these will have some characteristics related to the area you are in.


One of the reasons why players have to collect hearts in My Town: City Building Games is the reward system brings. Specifically, these gifts will bring you inevitable surprises such as new costumes and hairstyles for the characters you have. So anyone wants to see how these characters change over time, and it motivates players to continue exploring the game as new elements are unlocked.

My Town: City Building Games MOD APK

Players will have easy access to the features that the doll world has:

  • It is a world with many different locations that you can go to, and in it, you can do construction in some areas.
  • Players will easily collect heart points to receive impressive gifts such as new hairstyles and costumes that they will like.
  • The number of locations with buildings has different rooms and furniture, and you can think of many ways to interact with them.
  • Players can set up interactions between the objects they see and the characters from the list to see possible reactions.
  • When going to a new location, players can unexpectedly receive new characters, and they should make good use of the character list.

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