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My City: Star Stable MOD APK v4.0.2 (No)

My City: Star Stable MOD APK v4.0.2 (No)

Updated: 23-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Download My City: Star Stable APK free for Android to start exploring the horse farm simulator on your device. Are you ready to do the job of a nanny to raise, feed, and dress your horses in My City?

My City: Star Stable APK

My City- Star Stable APK

Surely, you have seen a professional horse race on television or at least once enjoyed it live in the audience of an exciting horse race. Have you always wanted to have your own herd of horses? In the game My City: Star Stable, you will be satisfied with that hobby and own a horse to be able to take care of him from a young age. It seems you will become a nanny like in the game My Talking Angela 2. But instead of taking care of the cat, now it’s the horses when they were young. Can you do your job well and raise these horses from a young age until they can participate in professional races? Let’s start exploring this game!


My City: Star Stable is the 33rd installment in the educational game series for young children My City series of the publisher My Town Games. If you are a fan of this type of game, you will not be able to ignore the latest part, which takes players to a simulated horse farm. In this game, players will be free to own a horse of their own to take care of and raise them. Because it is a horse farm simulation game, what you need to do in this game is to simulate the whole job of a horse trainer. You will get to take care of the horses, dress them up in nice clothes (Which doesn’t actually happen), coat them, examine them and train them.

My City- Star Stable APK download

Speaking of horse training, you are certainly not an expert. But through the game My City: Star Stable you will understand this job better. Players can control their character riding horses in the simulation farm. Take part in the challenges that the game offers, such as jumping over obstacles, racing with other players… Start your horse training job to create sympathy for the horse’s mind. They will help you achieve good results in every race that takes place in the game My City: Star Stable. The game always brings a lot of fun for children to unleash their passion for entertainment with attractive games.

Interact like a dollhouse

If you have played through the previous parts of the My City series, you certainly know the mechanism of interacting with the surroundings of this game. Like a dollhouse, you can interact with everything included in this game. This gives the best experience for young children so that they can imagine the work they are doing. With a touch, you can hold a milk bottle and feed your horse, dress it up in beautiful clothes, braid its hair, dye its hair, and even have a veterinarian take care of them when they are sick. You will also become a stable cleaner and clean up their manure, something you never thought possible in My City: Star Stable.

Graphics and sound

My City- Star Stable APK for Android

My City: Star Stable uses 3D graphics that simulate the entire work of people working on the horse farm. The publisher has used many bright colors to suit young children. The game quickly won a lot of love from players, and especially parents are completely assured for young children to play such useful games. With image quality and gameplay, there is no pressure for children from 5 to 12 years old. My City: Star Stable also has a soothing soundtrack, and you can also connect your character to other parts of the My City Games series.

Currently, My City: Star Stable costs $1 on the Google Play app store, you can spend money to own the game as well as support the publisher for more motivation. With the money to own the game, the game will completely remove annoying ads while playing. Pay once and get free updates forever.

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