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Neighbours Back From Hell APK is a sequel to the classic game Neighbors From Hell, released in 2003 for Windows PC, followed by a console update two years later, and eventually created a nice surprise for players out there who love this game. The remake is a continuation of the original game and the sequel, taking you on pranks all over the world. This is an accessible game with engaging, amusing stealth elements, arcade-y puzzle gameplay, and simple controls that make for a comfortable, enjoyable experience.

A hilarious show from a tough neighbor inspired by early 2000s TV

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We’ve all had to deal with neighbours from hell, right? Is the music too loud at all hours of the night? Is it a loud, messy, obnoxious person or a general cranky person with an overly tactful attitude? Neighbours From Hell is a classic TV show from the early 2000s that seeks to exact revenge on the worst neighbours, with the help of a camera crew. And now they are back. It is the life of our main character Woody who has decided to carry out revenge filled with mischief with Mr Rottweiler, the unpleasant neighbour. Woody has set up a TV team that produces reality shows to film all of the neighbour’s pranks. And on that day, the hit TV show Neighbors From Hell was born.

Making a mess, increase the rating and win the prize

Woody will have to weave around the Rottweiler’s house performing tricks to stay unsuspecting. The cameras track every movement when players place traps such as chain saws, banana peels/soap on the floor, paintings smearing and cluttering up appliances in the house. Beware of his house dog and a parrot named Chilli, both of which will try to warn neighbours of Woody’s presence. Every level has a set number of pranks you need to pull before you can move onto the next one, but doing all possible pranks at a level will award you with a golden trophy. Unfortunately, Woody is captured by Rottweiler, he will be brutally beaten to death. Then the player has to start the level again.

Neighbours Back From Hell MOD APK

The first two seasons saw action confined to Mr Rottweiler’s home. Initially, there will be only four rooms for you to explore and create traps while Mr Rottweiler prepares for his day job. It could be using a rotten egg to throw around the Rottweiler’s microwave or even getting him attacked by an aggressive bull.

Stealth through rooms without being detected

The game itself is best described as point-and-click responsive to stealth. Going through the rooms undetected, you’ll find useful items hidden in plain sight as well as hidden in things like drawers and bins. Once you’ve obtained an item, your next task is to discover where to use it to prank the unfortunate Mr Rottweiler.

Moreover, you can switch your camera view at any time between Woody and your neighbour, which both makes it easier for you to keep an eye on and provides a close-up view so you can witness His trap is done.

Getting a fresh feeling to do pranks abroad

The second half of Neighbors Back From Hell is where things get a little weird. Woody follows Mr Rottweiler and his mother to various locations on their vacation. With later episodes taking place in multiple locations such as China, Mexico, and even a boat, the action becomes a little less repetitive but a lot more. New game elements are also added, such as reusable items and some mini-games.

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Mr Rottweiler’s mother also became someone to avoid in later episodes of Neighbors Back From Hell, making stealth filming all the more troublesome. There are handy icons in the bottom left corner of the screen that tells you what to do next.

Crisp graphics and vivid sound

The remastered game has had a full graphical update, making everything look sharper than ever. The environment is also very interesting: the first place you are in the house, you will end up chasing your neighbour around the world to annoy him wherever he goes, find some interesting places taste to discover. The music in Neighbors back From Hell has a certain flair to it. Inspired by Big Band’s Jazz music, the background music remains relatively similar to its original, the characters talk in an interesting animated nonsense language, always bringing a good laugh. Whether it’s fireworks exploding, soap falling, or your neighbour wetting himself on the bed after you give him a laxative, there are expected sounds that come with it.


The controls are super simple and the levels are relatively short, making this the ideal game to sit down and play between more story-driven adventures. And if nothing else, you’re guaranteed to have a few laughs at your neighbour’s cynicism. Players will have to pay to play the game, but the game is completely free to download on Android by ourNeighbours Back From Hell APK file. What are you waiting for? Download the game and experience the entertainment and relaxation right away.

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