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Obey Me! MOD APK v7.0.0 (Menu, Dumb Enemy, Skill DMG)

Obey Me! MOD APK v7.0.0 (Menu, Dumb Enemy, Skill DMG)

Updated: 22-02-2024 (5 months ago)
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Obey Me!
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Menu, Dumb Enemy, Skill DMG
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Obey Me! Mod APK is a fantasy dating game, featuring many male characters with attractive looks, join and explore the love story.

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Obey Me! MOD APK has a collection of diverse storylines for players to participate in. Because there are many factors related to love and dating, it is limited to people 12 years of age and older to participate. Take turns meeting the characters, interacting with them. Create your own one-day date schedule and be the center of attention for many guys. Devildom Academy where ikemen appear, players accidentally get caught up in their story and must go to the end to complete the quest. MOD version unlocks full features, storyline without paying.


As I introduced at the beginning, Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim Game is a game associated with storylines. When you first join, you are guided by a character. Every day, players receive different information and tasks. When you complete these missions, you will be rewarded, unlocking new storylines more easily. The course of the story depends on how you choose to solve it, there will be no boring repetition.


Up to 7 demon brothers are waiting for you with a series of quests. These people have different looks but they are very handsome, they all have a good impression on you. There are many ways to reach them, talk to them often. Will you fall in love with any guy or not?! Make them crazy and always ready to help you, tame the ikemen demons.


In Obey Me’s card battle mode! Anime Otome Sim Game, players have access to chibi characters. This is a new image built from the version of 7 ikemen demon brothers. The mission is to fight the dark demon. You need to choose the cards with the right strength to win the opponent. Combining beautiful graphics with fun, catchy music will make you feel really relaxed. Win to continuously get new cards.


  • Obey Me! leads players with mysterious quests, just by following the plot to explain.
  • Experience romantic dates with ikemen demons.
  • There is no gender restriction so anyone can join.
  • Many minigames for entertainment revolve around the main plot of the game.

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