Otherworld Legends

August 21, 2020

Download Otherworld Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gems, Unlock All) latest for Android. Explore the thrilling experiences of delving into the illusory land of the evil Asurendra.

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlock All
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Description Otherworld Legends

Surely many gamers have known the publisher ChillyRoom through the game Soul Knight released in early 2017. After cherished about a game that will follow Soul Knight, recently the company officially released the game Otherworld Legends.

Otherworld Legends MOD APK

Following the achievements they have achieved, after a few days of launch, this game has left many positive reviews from players. Many gamers have requested a MOD version of Otherworld Legends, so in this article, we will bring players the MOD version with a lot of useful features that you are expecting.


Many enemies, bosses, and monsters have been brought to the plot to bury talented warriors. They gather in the illusory world led by the evil villain Asurendra to dominate the dimensional dimensions. Deadly traps, monsters are placed everywhere. You soon realize that you are one of the heroes who dare to stand up to fight that evil force. Overcoming one challenge after another, crossing many spaces to destroy the monsters, the boss behind, with the will to overthrow the evil conspiracy of evil villain Asurendra.


Otherworld Legends game was released by ChillyRoom, so it bears many similarities with the game Soul Knight. Players will be able to pass through dungeons, magical doors to hordes of monsters, demons guarding the illusory land. Defeat them and uncover many of the mysteries within.

Overcoming monsters, you will be confronted with bosses. Defeat them to unlock the next stage, taking an extra step through the illusory world created by the evil villain Asurendra.

Otherworld Legends MOD APK

After each stage, the difficulty of the game increases. Of course, you will have to face many challenges, magical supernatural elements. They have quite the power to injure our character. You will have to do many things to save your life. In order for the character to last longer in this world, the player needs to upgrade the character’s strength, use weapons with high damage, and do not forget that skill is also an important factor.

The control and attack method is quite easy for you to manipulate. All controls supported to make it easy to target the enemy. You can move or return to the original position smoothly and perform amazing combos with a few taps. Instead of the shooting style in Soul Knight, this game we can perform punching, kicking is very interesting and it brings its own style to the character.


Otherworld Legends heros

In Otherworld Legends, there are many characters to choose from. The character is also a decisive factor in winning the tense confrontations. Each character will possess a different skill and ability to help players choose more variety. The heroes divided include warriors, knights, mages, ninjas, archers, up to magic masters. Whether a table wins or not determines your own skill and character choice.

Collect items


There are more than 90 types of weapons and items for you to explore in Otherworld Legends. You can collect them by experiencing the game received in each reward. Unlike SK that uses weapons that are guns, blade, bow, or laser, in this game, you will be using hand-held weapons that damage almost swords, mace, drills, iron gloves… Of course, each weapon will have a different amount of damage. You need to consider the choice of weapons before participating in dramatic confrontations. Don’t forget to use armor and shields to minimize the damage dealt by the enemy.


Otherworld Legends is a unique blend of 2D and 3D pixel art styles and amazing hand-drawn animation. Although the 16-bit graphics background does not really give the player sharp image quality, it can bring a smooth experience. You can experience the game even on weakly configured devices without having any problems. The design of the function keys is also fine-tuned to help players easily manipulate the touch screen.

MOD APK version of Otherworld Legends

In the MOD version of Otherworld Legends, players will own great features. On top of that, characters and skills in the original version have to pay, now you can use them completely free.

MOD Feature

  • Unlimited Soul Stone
  • Unlimited Ruby
  • Unlimited Sapphire
  • Unlimited Weapon Enhancer Cards
  • Unlimited Resurrection Cards
  • Unlocked All Heroes
  • Unlocked All Skills
  • Unlocked All Style
  • Unlocked Club Membership

Install Otherworld Legends MOD APK

To install Otherworld Legends MOD, you need to perform a few steps below.

  1. Open Settings of your device, go to Security/Privacy & Enable Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the Otherworld Legends MOD APK file below the article.
  3. Install the APK file on your device.
  4. Open and enjoy the game.

Download Otherworld Legends MOD APK for Android