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Xeno Command MOD APK v1.3.15 (Menu, God, Map, Unlocked)

Xeno Command MOD APK v1.3.15 (Menu, God, Map, Unlocked)

Updated: 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
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Xeno Command
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Menu, God, Map, Unlocked
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About Xeno Command MOD APK

Play RTS combined with many interesting and fun roguelike elements in the Xeno Command MOD Menu APK game. You will become a hero and your teammates fight to protect the galaxy against the invasion of enemy forces that are always waiting for the opportunity to take over the galaxy. With your teammates, stop the powerful attack from the enemies and successfully defend the galaxy in the Xeno Command MOD APK game.

Interesting gameplay

Entering the first screen with the first task, you need to gather as many teammates as possible. On the game interface, there will be a function to move all activities of the characters in the game, you just need to rotate that function flexibly to control the right direction that you want to move. Gathering teammates with as many numbers as possible will help you easily destroy those who want to invade the galaxy simply and quickly. Completing each mission in the first level will unlock more power and proceed to the next level.

Protect and save many other planets

You and your teammates will protect other planets by fighting with the power and weapons obtained from previous levels. There are battles on each planet with different missions, but you and your teammates will face many enemies that appear everywhere to make it difficult for your teammates. Explore multiple game modes that will challenge your teamwork with the multi-planet rescue in this title.

Build a base with high defense

The higher you progress to the level, the more powerful enemies you will encounter that make you and your teammates unable to attack. Build bases around the planet you and your teammates are defending to provide shelter and a location for surprise attacks when enemies appear. Build your base by collecting items from the previous level or during your battle in the game mode of your choice.

Equip and upgrade weapons

You and your teammates need to equip and upgrade weapons to ensure life safety when facing powerful enemies. Equip items, improve fighting skills with weapons, great power will help you and your teammates not easily be destroyed before the number of enemies possessing weapons, huge power right in the battle. Collect lots of bonuses and don’t miss the opportunity to collect weapons, fighting power right in your battle.

Play the game even while in the offline zone

You can completely join the war at any time even when you are in the offline zone. This strategy game does not require the player to be connected to the Internet, so you can defend the galaxy and other planets with your teammates anytime you want to become a hero.

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