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Update on June 6, 2022 (2 years ago)

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Outerland (Project Stars) APK is an extremely impressive simulation and action game, you get to explore a whole new world, build a life in a foreign land.

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Outerland (Project Stars) APK has a very special context, all a fantasy space built by the publisher. Here, the player has the task of controlling his character to participate in the activities in the game. The system of daily tasks, tasks according to certain levels are updated for players to easily follow. When completing these tasks, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards. Participate in activities such as racing, using weapons to fight strange creatures. Everything is so new, how long will you last?!


Outerland’s (Project Stars) publisher built a relatively unique storyline. Humanity has no longer enough room to live on the same planet. It is imperative that people make sacrifices to explore new lands. One of them includes you. Playing as a explorer, you begin your journey with an empty planet. In the midst of a new ecosystem, such a strange creature, your task is to survive and fight the forces that attack you.


To survive for a long time, of course we need a hiding place. Outerland (Project Stars) will have instructions for first-timers on how to exploit resources, collect things necessary to maintain the character’s life. The person you control will have a full range of extremely realistic activities such as eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, exercising, etc. Any feature not grasped, can see the tutorial this game provides.


Not simply a game of exploration and survival, Outerland (Project Stars) also has many action elements. Because on a completely different planet, there are creatures that do not want you to exist here and will constantly attack you. Therefore, players must equip themselves with the necessary weapons and skills to fight. Besides, Outerland has an extremely attractive racing event. Try to overcome every challenge to make sure to get as many rewards as possible.


  • Outerland (Project Stars) is suitable for all ages, the free MOD version is being provided for all android mobile devices.
  • Join in building your fantasy world together with other players.
  • Surviving in the wilderness, growing more and more and laying the foundation for modern construction in a foreign place.
  • Many activities are integrated for players to perform continuously, not getting bored.

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