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ProShot APK v8.26.2 (Latest Version) Download

ProShot APK v8.26.2 (Latest Version) Download

Updated: 03-05-2024 (3 months ago)
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ProShot APK is a professional photography application for mobile phones. You can get this application completely free by installing the APK file provided by

Introducing ProShot APK

Since ancient times, people have wanted to preserve the moments in life. They carve up the cliffs the daily activities, the animals, the trees they see. They then develop their own drawing skills, drawing tools, and human hands becoming softer and softer. They redraw pictures like the real thing. But not stopping there, they also want more, more realistic pictures. The first camera was born, it was as big as a large truck. The image quality was very bad at the time and could only print in black and white. However, they have also created a realistic image without going through the hard process of learning to draw. Image quality is improving day by day, and the camera size is getting smaller.

Now, we have a sensor the size of a fingernail, and the photo is printed out exactly the way it is. The built-in camera on the phone has replaced most of the work that we have to do like choosing the light direction, light, focus, distance,… to give us the best picture. But a professional photographer would not be satisfied with such results. They want to edit everything, creatively to create a photo of their own. If you are such a photographer, but the normal mobile photography app cannot satisfy you. This is when you need ProShot, an application that lets you manually adjust most of your photo’s parameters. Create a photo in your own style.

Like a professional photographer

Indeed, as a professional photographer, they need to go through the learning process. To be able to use a camera with proficiency. There are a few dozen parameters that you need to consider, just one of them is different. The product photo may be completely different from what you would like. Here the app allows you to freely customize most of those parameters: exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, resolution,… These parameters are scheduled. neatly arranged on the screen, it keeps you from getting confused when there are too many things to care about. Only when you want to edit one of them, tap, the parameter panel will enlarge. Ready for you to edit.

Easy to use

In addition to the same features as a professional camera. The app is also designed to completely replace the default camera app on your phone. Auto mode allows the app to manually customize parameters to make your photos look their best. Open up the app, take a picture, and don’t care much about its parameters.

Recording a high-resolution video

The application supports you to record videos up to 4K resolution (3840 * 2160) and frame rate 60 frames/s. The same is true for the photo capture mode. You can also customize all the parameters of the video. Or choose to automatically rotate to let the application take care of the editing work.

ProShot APK version

The app is currently available for a fee on Google Play. To be able to own and experience the application you have to pay a fee of about 5$. But if you think that what the application offers is not equal to the money you spend. And want to experience first before deciding to pay, then choose our ProShot APK. This is the same ProShot version as the original, only that it is freely available. You can download it right here.

Download ProShot APK for Android

The features of the app are immeasurable. However, they may not work on your device. The reason is simple, if your device does not have that feature then the application can not work. But don’t worry, the features your device supports will still work fine in this app. If you have any difficulties or questions during the installation and experience of the application. Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section of the post.

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