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Rails of Fury: Train Defence MOD APK v1.0.2245 (Free Purchases)

Rails of Fury: Train Defence MOD APK v1.0.2245 (Free Purchases)

Updated: 03-11-2022 (2 years ago)
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About Rails of Fury: Train Defence MOD APK

Rails of Fury MOD APK is a game about the battle between trains and tanks. With this game, players will be role-playing as the captain controlling the ship amidst the forest of bombs attacking from the tank convoy on the ground. Enemy troops will use weapons with great destructive power to destroy the player’s train, gather good countermeasures and upgrade weapons continuously, possess other special powers, and challenge many game mode to destroy all opponents in all levels.

Set up combat weapons

The gameplay of this game is not too difficult, you will be equipped with weapons from the first screen to be able to destroy all types of enemy tanks. You need to install weapons in precise positions to destroy all enemy attacks by alternating weapons in the ship’s compartment, it is this arrangement that will destroy the following tanks and convoys in turn. attack the hull of your train. The fact that you shoot at the right time is one of the factors that determines whether you defeat the enemy tanks or not. Don’t waste bullets, but focus on aiming the best.

Power Upgrading

Besides the main weapon is the gun, you also experience with other unique powers such as lightning, cold snowflakes… With these separate powers, you can use them to prolong time. Destroy enemy troops without losing much of your combat bullets. However, you need to save these special powers to fight in a stronger, more dangerous enemy battle. If in an emergency, you have run out of special powers, you can buy them at the game store to avoid being attacked by the enemy delegation. In addition, you can collect power from killing enemy troops and collect besides bonuses.

Constantly changing weapons

Many levels need you to change weapons to match the number of enemy troops. Diverse arsenal, different functions create many choices for you to easily destroy the enemy’s tanks. You need to collect more and more bonuses so that the process of changing weapons is not limited to money bags.

Graphics and sound effects

Graphics designed in 2D, not too special, but can still bring a great playing experience with the context that is constantly changing as the train moves. Sound effects are mainly gunfire when fighting and basic, popular background music often used in fighting games of the same type.

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