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As an action RPG game combined with extremely dramatic shooting, Spacelanders MOD APK (GOD Mode, No Ads) gives players the desire to destroy the monsters in the dungeon at Roguelike.

Spacelanders: 3D Sci-Fi Action RPG MOD APK

Up until now, action RPGs have always been the genre loved by the majority of gamers. Therefore, more and more games of this genre are released by publishers. However, Spacelanders is a game that deserves more experience. Do you wonder why we offer such a review? Find out about this game in our article.

This game is the perfect blend of RPG and 3rd person shooter games with a sci-fi style. All the design and features of the game are quite new. Throughout the game, the main character will have to go through many dungeon battles. Along with that is to complete the noble mission, protect the earth from aliens, giant deadly space bugs, keep the peace for humanity.


As mentioned above, Spacelanders is a brave guy’s journey to protect the earth. The game begins with aliens’ plans to invade the earth. But he accidentally heard this plan, since then determined to make a plan against the aliens. And since then, he assumed the mission of protecting the earth from destruction. If you want to help our hero fulfill his mission, learn about the gameplay now!


Transforming into a hero with the responsibility of protecting the earth, players will participate in many difficult challenges. Step by step, step by step to improve your own strength, your character will have to fight in dungeons with lots of alien monsters. At each level the character will be sent to a different dungeon, only victory can help you get through the door and go to the next dungeon. On the contrary, if you cannot pass, you will have to die and start over. But do not be too sad, because your character will still gain experience no matter how the match results. Accumulating enough experience, your character will be leveled up. After leveling up, a character’s base stats increase significantly. At this point, you can wear a few new types of equipment to increase attack as well as defense.

Controlling the character in this game is also very easy. Players only need to slide their finger on the touch screen to control the fighting character. Weapons in Spacelanders are designed in the form of science fiction, so it has the ability to fire automatically, shortening the time to get used to the use of weapons.

Tactics in combat

One of the keys to the outcome of the game is definitely your character equipment. The game offers a huge arsenal of weapons for players to choose from. However, these weapons are new in pristine form and you need to upgrade them to increase strength. In addition, the proper movement and proficiency in the character’s fighting skills are also indispensable factors. More and more, character clashes with evil robots or alien bugs in space become more fierce. Pay attention to observe and dodge their attack to limit blood loss.

Install Spacelanders MOD APK

To install Spacelanders MOD for Android, you need to perform a few steps below.

  1. Delete the original version.
  2. Download the MOD APK file we provide.
  3. Install APK and experience.

Download Spacelanders MOD APK for Android

Become a hero against aliens, protect the earth is your longtime dream, let Spacelanders MOD APK help you do it. Select a link to download the latest version for Android.

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