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Stickman is always one of the hot topics for game developers to exploit. Stickman Legends MOD APK is one of the successful games from this theme. Are you ready with Stickman to confront the most powerful evil on earth?

About Stickman Legends MOD APK

Stickman Legends is a fantasy role-playing game, players will transform into Stickman heroes with a set of skillful fighting skills. Stickman Legends is a game that combines 3 genres PVE, PVP, and action game genre. Whether the embodiment of light, the Stickman hero will succumb to the mighty evil forces, or the whole world will continue to sink into deep black, experience Stickman Legends to get the answer for yourself.

Old idea but catchy

The genre of role-playing games is no longer strange to the vast majority of gamers. The first action role-playing games appeared in the 80s of the last century, but until now are still very popular. Thanks to the creativity of game makers, Stickman Legends brings an interesting and attractive feeling compared to other games of the same genre. Throughout the game, you will never see the true form of all the monsters. Your imagination will create unique designs for the monsters, thereby giving birth to your own game world.

The main task in the story of Stickman Legends is to constantly use Stickman’s set of moves to clear the monsters on the way. After finishing the Boss at the end of the stage, the level will be completed and you can collect certain rewards. In addition to the traditional PVE mode, Stickman Legends also provides a function that allows players to play. can interact with each other, that is the PVP match mode. Players around the world can search and participate in a PVP match against any player of equal strength. Not as simple as going to the stage, winning against other players to get a higher rank is a very difficult thing. Before starting a PVP battle, you need to carefully prepare equipment and tactics to gain even the smallest advantages.

Simple gameplay

With the Stickman character in Stickman Legends, you just need to pay attention to the set of moves located at the bottom right of the phone screen. Each character possesses a skillset consisting of 6 different moves. High-level moves will be unlocked gradually according to Stickman’s level. Simple moves like slash don’t have a cooldown, but special moves take 25 seconds to cool down. Using the skill set effectively and strategically will help you quickly conquer all levels of the Stickman Legends game.

Looking up at the upper left corner of the phone screen, you will see the health bar along with the experience percentage and level of the character. When the health reaches 0 levels, the game screen has failed. By killing each monster your character gains a certain amount of experience. Plowing the country a lot will help your account quickly progress and get more and more valuable rewards. Then upgrade the character and move towards the goal of reaching the top 100 strongest people in Arena.

Character development by yourself

Stickman Legends has a skill development system to the liking of each player. Every time you reach a new level with Stickman, you can choose one of two new skills to upgrade. You can completely upgrade the skill set any way you want, but for quick account growth, refer to the top Arena accounts of experienced players. With the experience they have accumulated, they have built an optimal set of skills and upgrades for each character.

2D graphics

Inspired by the Stickman character, Stickman Legends also only uses 2D graphics for the entire game mode. Although not equipped with 3D graphics, but in exchange for the lines of the character, the shape and lines of the monster, the attack animations, the combo moves have been taken care of by ZITGA’s development department to every detail. details. You will see the magnificence of each character’s Combo. In other words, it is difficult to describe the image quality of Stickman Legends, surely this game will surprise you.

A game that combines action, PVE, and PVP together is also quite interesting, right? If you have new experiences, want to find new challenges, then Stickman Legends is one of the games not to be missed. The latest version of Stickman Legends has been updated by us using the link below the article, please experience and leave any questions about this game.

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