Publisher:Giant Fish
Latest Version:1.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4
Last Updated:16/01/2022 (3 days ago)
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Join the long desert survival journey with your car in The Long Drive MOD APK. Latest version for Android mobile devices. This game is suitable for players 16 years and older. Currently, the version offered on the Google Play Store requires you to pay a fee to be able to download it. But if you use the MOD APK that we provide, you do not need to pay any fees and still freely enjoy everything about this exciting game. In addition, you are also provided with more ammo to fight the zombie rabbits in the desert and more fuel for the long road ahead.

About The Long Drive MOD APK

The Long Drive MOD APK

Are you a fan of adventures? If yes, then surely you cannot ignore the game The Long Drive. Different from other normal Adventure games. This is not an easy journey, countless challenges are posed for players. It requires players to by all means survive and reach their destination. A grandmother who had not seen her grandchild for a long time sent a letter expressing that she wanted the grandchild to come to her house. The grandchild here is you. The way to her house has to go through a large desert, it will take many days to get there. Can you overcome all the dangers ahead to reach the destination where the grandmother is day-to-day waiting for her grandchild? Only by joining will get the answer. The game The Long Drive of the publisher Giant Fish promises to bring you the most memorable relaxing moment.

Repair the car

The Long Drive MOD APK

It’s like the thread of a story. The first thing that players have to do before starting the journey is to get themselves a vehicle. In the garage, only the old car is left, you need to repair it, make sure the machines can work properly. Search the tool store, use all the necessary items. Let’s shake hands from the car’s engine. Once you’re sure you’ve assembled it properly, try rebooting! The next step of course is to refurbish the car’s appearance, you can’t take an old car to your house, right? Scrub away the old paint that has peeled, use a paint can to spray on the shiny new layer. Freedom to express your own style.

Prepare for the long haul

The Long Drive MOD APK

As I introduced before, you are alone on a very long journey through the wild desert. Find all the essentials left in your apartment and put them in your carry-on bag. Don’t miss out on anything because it can benefit you just not yet when you need to use it. On the way, you can admire the typical scenery of the desert, although it is difficult, it is still worth your time. To increase the actual part the game also rotates between day and night. In the dark, move slower because you don’t know what’s ahead. Always keep an eye on your vehicle’s remaining fuel and stop by gas stations to refuel along the way. Zombie rabbits make no one live in this area, you can go to the abandoned warehouse along the way to collect other useful items, especially weapons.

Fight with Zombie Rabbit

Mutant rabbits are extremely large, their food is nothing but humans. Once they see you, the rabbits will attack very fiercely, so it is imperative that you carry a weapon with you. Only guns can destroy them. Right from the time you were at the auto repair house you encountered it. If you don’t have a weapon in hand, the player will quickly fall and have to start over. Or in the desert, if you step out of the car, you must always carry a weapon, the bloodthirsty rabbits will quickly find you there. Try to get to the finish line.

Auto Backup

The Long Drive

This is a function that The Long Drive owns. Because it continuously plays out like a long story without a short screenplay. The player cannot complete it in a short time so it will save the exact moment you stopped. Next time you open the game it continues at the previously saved point. Or unfortunately, the device has a problem, The Long Drive has also saved the data. However, saving causes temporary memory to increase. If you don’t need it, go to the settings to turn it off.

Beautiful graphics

The Long Drive

The graphics of The Long Drive are 3D graphics. All scenes, objects, and zombie rabbits are designed very vividly. The harmonious color combination between light and dark creates a beautiful game space. Players quickly get caught up in the content of the story, fully immersed in the game’s mission. It’s an attraction that anyone can’t resist!

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