TowerBall MOD APK v540 (Unlimited General Upgrade, No Ads)

Update on November 29, 2023 (4 days ago)

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TowerBall MOD APK v540 (Unlimited General Upgrade, No Ads)

Update on November 29, 2023 (4 days ago)

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Unlimited General Upgrade, No Ads

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Strategy games are always an interesting challenge for many players. Are you looking for a brand new strategy game you’ve never tried before? Try TowerBall Mod APK now with a tactical screen that requires calculation and how to set up a smart fortress.


In this strategy game, you will go through different challenges with the task of building a fortress that sweeps large balls that threaten to destroy your fortress. On each ball is engraved the number of bonus points, depending on the size and ability to destroy the ball, you will receive the corresponding number of bonus points. Destroy as many balls as possible in each challenge so that you can accumulate a lot of bonus points!

Tower Ball: Idle Tower Defense


You will have a hard time with the first challenge because the fortress you built is not enough to destroy all the balls in one level and subsequent challenges. Therefore, you need to upgrade to the strongest fortress. With bonus points after each round, you can completely upgrade the fortress corresponding to the number of bonus points you have. There are seven types of towers and fortresses with different functions, so accumulate as many bonus points as possible to choose the right fortress for each challenge.

Tower Ball: Idle Tower Defense


Levels increase in difficulty so you can skip many balls that carry great rewards. Besides building a solid fortress, you also have to devise a smart ball shooting strategy to help you collect gems and high rewards. Each game screen the number of balls containing gems is increasing, you need to adjust the position of the fortress reasonably to properly align the angle to destroy the ball containing the gem as well as the ball with a high score. Don’t miss the balls containing the gems because the gems will help you quickly upgrade the fortress.

Tower Ball: Idle Tower Defense


You will follow the game circuit continuously without having to worry about the appearance of ads. In addition, you fully participate in the construction of the fortress and earn bonus points or gems anywhere without worrying about Internet connection problems. Enjoy the most comfortable gaming moment!

What are you waiting for, without quickly downloading the attractive strategy game and participating in conquering all the challenges available at TowerBall MOD APK?

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