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Tower defense: Idle and clash MOD APK v2.9 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Tower defense: Idle and clash MOD APK v2.9 (Menu, Unlimited Money)

Updated: 11-11-2022 (2 years ago)
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Tower defense: Idle and clash
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Menu, Unlimited Money
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About Tower defense: Idle and clash

A tower defense strategy game that anyone who loves this genre cannot ignore called Tower defense: Idle and clash MOD APK. The ruling empire collapsed until the last emperor died without a successor. Powers have emerged competing for power and you are among the leaders. As a righteous hero, you can’t stand and watch people fall into the hands of evil people, dark demonic forces. They only exploit the labor of ordinary people. Therefore, you gather your army, in turn to take down the enemy’s defensive strongholds. Increasingly expanding the army, building its own base to give the people a good life. Whether it succeeds or not depends greatly on the strategy that the player proposes.

Idle gameplay

Tower defense: Idle and clash does not require the player to control his soldiers, they can from a command of you to split into small teams to complete the task on their own. The important thing still lies in the strategy of the commander. Analyze the enemy’s base to know where to place soldiers, where to arrange catapults. If your troops are weak due to lack of force, you must add more. No need to manipulate too complicated but still complete the match. When victorious, the player frees a new land and collects the resources of the failed enemy.

Lots of challenging levels

I bet you will never get bored when participating in this game, it is constantly changing requiring players to think new strategies to adapt. You cannot use one strategy for your entire match. Your enemies are constantly evolving and upgrading. They are more and more crowded, there are new types of weapons. Players do not know in advance how they will meet their opponents in this challenge, only know that you should be flexible in your strategy so as not to receive defeat.

Upgrade your army

This is a very important part to help strengthen the army. In the beginning, when it was founded, there were only people with sketchy weapons, not even a combat outfit. Reach the next level you will have gold coins to upgrade these soldiers. There are many directions to upgrade, such as training an elite army with full costumes, weapons, and shields to fight. Or switch to horse-riding soldiers, riding dragons. Add more powerful catapults to destroy the enemy’s castle faster.

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