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Vera Icon Pack

Vera Icon Pack APK (Latest Version) v5.5.7

App Name Vera Icon Pack
Version 5.5.7
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Vera Icon Pack APK is an attractive icon application for all users. With this application, you can do various utilities and services reasonably for the money you have to spend. Many people are looking for a unique icon application, this is the ultimate solution for you.


What attracts users when it comes to this application is the variety and richness of the series of icons. Vera icon pack is a set of high-quality colorful amorphous glyph icons with modern gradients and two tonal details carefully crafted for every icon. The pack is suitable for dark backgrounds and dark setups in general but it can also look really nice on light walls. Therefore, through this application, users can be creative and change the icon to suit them at any time. No need to be too picky, the application will bring you many unique and attractive themes.


Known for its vibrant color gamut, the app is suitable for dark themes and wallpapers for different types of users. Alternative icons for many popular applications on multiple platforms so that users can work anywhere, anytime. Along with that is a rich dynamic calendar icon for you to assign and shape work templates to your own preferences. Some suggestions for you when making apps like folder icons (must apply them manually), More icons (must apply them manually), and Tap to send icon requests (Free and Premium). In addition to the main feature, the application also provides high-quality cloud wallpapers for you to use comfortably and quickly.


Coming to the variety of apps, you should understand it is sorted by the number of unique requests for certain apps, so the most requested apps will be at the top of the list and so we create those icons first. Example: If 10 users request an icon for the same app, we’ll most likely create it among the first, but if only 1 or 2 users request the same app application, don’t expect to see it anytime soon because there are already a lot of requests for it. Icons from the Premium request are added in the next update from the time of the request.

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