Vera Outline Icon Pack
Vera Outline Icon Pack

Vera Outline Icon Pack APK v5.4.0

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App Name Vera Outline Icon Pack
Version 5.4.0
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Vera Outline Icon Pack APK is an application that can help users change the interface. A large number of colorfully designed thin linear icons combine with wallpapers and widgets to give an impressive interface.

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Vera Outline Icon Pack is a tool that will help users personalize the default interface for their phones. If you are a person who often falls into a state of always being bored with your phone and wants to make big changes, this will be the right application. With the rich and beautiful collection of icons of different shapes and sizes that the application has brought, you will no longer feel bored every time you unlock your phone.


For users who are looking for new inspirations in phone operations, the change will become essential. Surveys have shown that phone users are becoming bored with pre-existing icons created by operating system manufacturers. So now, you will be able to completely change your experience and feel with a large collection of up to 2,780 icons that the application equips for users.


One of the most exceptional points in Vera Outline Icon Pack will be the colors. For users to feel the obvious changes inside their user interface, the color will play a significant role in being able to highlight everything. The icons that the application brings to its users will all be designed in a youthful, bright style with many beautiful colors coordinated together.


But for users who care about details, a resolution will be the feature they will always care about first. With today’s modern phones, being equipped with high-resolution screens will require the application to create icons with the best resolution. Vera Outline Icon Pack makers will always be committed to bringing their users the perfect icon sets with a resolution that always reaches 192 x 192 px.


To be able to bring our users the best changes, perfect synchronization will always be put on top. If the user has designed a beautiful theme with newly downloaded applications that do not have an icon that matches the theme, it may bring an uncomfortable feeling. So the application has also been designed with many different alternative icons for other applications for users to use immediately.


Not only gives its users a large collection of icons, but the wallpaper will also be a feature of interest. Give a perfect change to the different themes; the wallpaper will also play an essential role in highlighting the icon above. Because of this, the developers of the application have also added in their feature about 25 wallpapers that are specifically designed to be used with the icon system.


In addition, the widgets included in the Vera Outline Icon Pack will help you complete a flawless theme in the user interface. The app’s authors will be able to provide their users with the finest experience possible, thanks to six KWGT widgets that they have specifically built. It is possible to construct a whole work directly in your interface if you have the aesthetic skill to combine icons, backgrounds, and widgets together.


The manufacturers have also set their own performance objectives in order to provide the best level of pleasure to their customers. The application will guarantee that its users will receive at least 3,000 icons with distinctive designs for various chores that are related to the nearest goal. And in order to be able to do so, users will also have a role to play in contributing to the application’s ability to update the relevant icons in the future version of the application.


  • The application provides its users with immediately noticeable adjustments within the device’s main user interface.
  • The app will provide you with approximately 2,780 icons, allowing you to customize your phone with a unique design.
  • In a youthful style, with a lot of vivid colors blended together, the icons will be created.
  • When users are exposed to the most recent designs from the application on a consistent basis, the ability to update will be a significant advantage.
  • Combining this with about 25 unique wallpapers and 6 KWGT specialized widgets results in a comprehensive theme.
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