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Update on February 20, 2023 (1 year ago)

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Voodoo Detective APK is a crime-solving adventure genre, playing the role of a Voodoo detective, the player receives many requests from customers and takes turns to decipher them all.

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Voodoo Detective is suitable for all ages from 7 and up. Unique gameplay is nested into a seamless storyline that makes players feel more relaxed than ever. An honest and courageous detective, he is always ready to solve any case no matter how difficult it is. This is not a simple game, it requires thinking and analyzing the clues from the players themselves. Our MOD version unlocks you every situation, with more help to solve the case. Feel free to interact with the characters without limitation.


As I introduced at the beginning, this is a game that tells the story of the detective Voodoo. There are many customers coming to see Voodoo to solve the case. Among them was the girl Mary Fontule as the first guest. She has completely lost her memory of her past. Mary’s desire is to find her roots and reunite with her family, the player will need to find out her identity. There are many customers behind who need your help, quickly solve all mysteries.


A detective must collect clues. Players can interact with any character in Voodoo Detective to get the relevant information. Besides the witnesses you also need the evidence. Explore each scene the map leads you to, collecting items that lead you to the important clue. Reasoning is indispensable for a detective. Make notes of important details to yourself for a more seamless analysis of the sequence of events.


Rarely does a game sound as great as Voodoo Detective. In addition to the background music, every time you come into contact with a character, you can hear professionally voiced sounds. It makes you feel like you are following a story. Extremely engaging and never stops. Besides, the graphics are designed to combine 3D and 2D images to make the details more vivid.


  • Voodoo Detective has got an APK version for all types of Android mobile devices.
  • Players are challenged with mysterious situations, following the plot you will gradually discover all.
  • The interaction between the game’s characters through voice acting makes players never get bored.
  • Control your character to go around the map and search for clues.

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