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Update on August 27, 2022 (1 year ago)

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VPNhub MOD APK is an application that protects personal information on users’ mobile devices from being stolen when connecting to the public Internet.

About VPNhub MOD APK

VPNhub MOD APK provides a safety net for all your personal information. With the function of preventing any violation of the server’s IP address, the application has been very popular in the world because of its extremely high security when users use a public Internet connection. The professional interface, free and easy to use is a huge plus point of the application when users approach.

Detect and prevent malicious code timely

When your phone connects to the public Internet, it will easily lead to the case that malicious IP codes around you can easily access the IP code on the server. This malicious and anonymous IP code will steal all information from phone numbers to even Internet banking passwords if you are unfortunately logged into that application. The timely detection and prevention of malicious IP code of this application will attack back to that malicious IP code to prevent your personal information from being stolen. As long as you turn on the application effect, you can safely use the public Internet.

Safe website access

Usually, the websites also contain viruses that harm other applications on your phone. Some websites restrict access because they are not in the territory where you live. You no longer have to worry about the problem of restricting access to websites, the application supports more secure access to the websites you need to consult information without fear of being attacked by malicious web viruses.

Hide IP of phone device

To be more secure and at the same time, you do not want anyone to know the existence of your phone’s IP code, choose the feature to hide the IP code. With this function, you can freely choose any server’s Internet network without worrying about being detected and there is no malicious IP code that detects the existence of your phone’s IP code as soon as you are connected to the Internet. public. Besides, this function of hiding IP code also helps you to access many websites of many different countries, view a lot of information and update new knowledge globally and without limit of visits. to a website that requires the IP code of that territory.

Use it on multiple devices at the same time

Not only can the application protect personal information on your phone device, but the application can also protect personal information on your personal computer or tablet when you access a public network. No matter how many devices you log in and use, the protection of personal information that you have stored on electronic devices is still the most secure. Besides, the function of hiding the IP address completely still applies when you use many different access devices.

No account creation required

The application has just updated to the latest version along with the feature that does not require users to create an account when using this application. You just need to download and set up the process of using the application’s features according to your intended use. Most importantly, with this updated version, you do not need to pay to upgrade the premium service package, but now you are free to use the application with the full functionality that the application is available.

Secure connection even in another country

Currently, this application is available in more than 60 countries worldwide. You can safely connect to public Internet networks or visit the website of that country to read unlimited information. Information about users from other countries reading news on websites with territorial IP codes you visit is also used by the application’s IP code hiding function to make it easy for all your electronic devices to access enter.

Avoid annoying promotional videos

The functionality of this application will surprise you even more with the feature of limiting viewing annoying promotional videos. If you unfortunately click on promotional videos containing malicious content, the possibility of personal information on your device still occurs, so the application has updated the feature. This is to minimize any other IP code trying to steal your personal information.

Support language use

With a presence in more than 60 territories equivalent to 60 different languages, you can freely choose the most convenient language during this application feature. Surf select or type directly the installation language you want to use in this application.


  • Professional interface, simple to use.
  • Extremely secure personal information security feature.
  • Hiding IP codes gives users unlimited access to foreign websites easily.
  • Access secure public Internet networks.
  • Peace of mind to use banking services when accessing any Internet network.

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