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Would you sell your soul?
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App Name Would you sell your soul?
MOD Features Unlimited Diamonds
Latest Version 1.1.24
Size 132M
Update May 16, 2022 (2 months ago)

Would you sell your soul? MOD APK It takes you to an exciting story where you will get to know the world of spirits. Players always have the help and companion of the game to show their true ability.

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Fascinating stories, exciting stories are always hot topics in Would you sell your soul? You are the main character who gets to play and become a girl who wants to return to her previous life. This adventure game will be the super product you are looking for because the fascinating details are always set for you to solve. However, difficulties will surround you, and you will have times in the midst of what is called love. Come back to the world and go on living to enjoy the most beautiful things in the world.


You are a girl because you are so heartbroken when you break up that you have lost control, and now you are dead in a traffic accident. Before, your eyes were now a white color, and you see no one but the man with the sharp eyes. The devil rules this soul area, which is known to be cold-blooded and does not tolerate anyone else. However, you have many plans and do not want to die, so you want to be resurrected.

Would you sell your soul? Allows you to be the assistant of that devil and continue with the unfinished mission. You will be surprised by the assigned tasks that will be too much for you, but you will also get great support from the game. What the devil assigns you is to collect souls to be able to receive a special ticket back to the present world. Difficulties will befall you right now, so you can feel it most authentically.


The main task that the devil gives you is to collect the souls scattered in that street. However, it is not easy because there are spirits that have strange signs that attack us. You must have enough strength to be able to win those souls and make them return to the previous realm. The game will also provide you with a variety of weapons and essential vehicles for you to perform this task.

You will meet friends with the same mission as yourself, and they are also brothers who want to return to the present world. These brothers are ready to help you or maybe knock you down to gain more souls. Would you sell your soul? Provide relevant suggestions so that you can conduct your own judgment and determine what kind of friends your friends fall into.


The journey back to the beautiful world will be harsh and mysterious. However, with enthusiastic help from Would you sell your soul? Then players will be somewhat more secure. Tragic cases will happen, and you witness all of them even though you cannot speak. So the best way is that you need to complete the task and return to analyze this case quickly.

Use the included weapons to keep you safe in the fight with those demons. After collecting all the souls according to the instructions of the devil, you have enough confidence and have enough tickets to return to the beautiful world. Seeds of life have begun to grow and the hope of returning home is great hope. Be the lucky one to move on, do more happy things for the world, and live an extraordinary life with the people you love.

Over here, Would you sell your soul? It has brought a completely new look as well as a way to conquer interesting challenges. Players need to define their own goals clearly and find themselves more ideal friends. The desire to return to a new life is gradually unfolding, and after you have completed it all, that is when you are revived. Your plans will continue, and fortunately, you will still be welcomed back.

Key Features:

  • Proceed to roleplay and take on the task of being an assistant to a spirit demon for a chance to respawn right in that time.
  • Get used to the cold face and go to dangerous areas to take the lives of those previously designated by the devil.
  • Dive into our own stories as well as find mysterious events that we ourselves can hardly explain.
  • Take on the brutal murder challenge and win other souls to make up for what you need.
  • Upgrade your own abilities to become more vital than ever and officially return to a perfect life like before.
5/5 (1 vote)

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