Zold:out MOD APK 00.09.45 (DMG/Defense Multiplier)

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Latest Version00.09.45
MOD InfoDMG/Defense Multiplier
RequiresAndroid 5.1+
PublisherC4Cat Entertainment Limited
PackageGoogle Play Link

If you are a lover of turn-based combat role-playing games, you can’t miss Zold:out MOD APK – a super SRPG game with eye-catching anime graphics that is storming the gaming community today. If you have not played games of this genre before, you can download the MOD APK version we provide to get more support to make your adventure easier.

About Zold:out MOD APK

Zold-out MOD APK

Developed and released by C4Cat Entertainment Limited, Zold:out is the game that receives the most attention today. The compelling storyline, great gameplay and beautiful character design of Zold:out easily conquer even the most demanding players. Join Zold:out and start your adventure right now.

Fascinating open storyline

The main setting of Zold:out is in a mythical continent, where the gods rule. However, the legend of the gods is very old, no one knows what the gods are like. There are many different races on this continent, living together peacefully in a vast kingdom. However, peace did not last long when the previous king suddenly died. The incident happened so suddenly, it caused a shock to the kingdom, causing the races that had been living together to be in chaos.

The story in Zold:out begins at a small arms dealer on the continent, with the main character being a young arms dealer and the shop owner. To save the shop that was on the verge of bankruptcy, the young teenager accepted the arms dealer’s invitation to adventure. From there, his adventure to save his kingdom begins. In this adventure, he has learned many lessons of trust, betrayal, loyalty,… getting to know other characters such as mysterious knights from another world, mysterious maid amnesia,… A series of thrilling battles and many mysteries of the kingdom will be discovered by the young man during the trip.

Engage in battles in Zold:out

Zold-out MOD APK Download

The gameplay of Zold:out is much more upgraded than the traditional SRPG gameplay. No longer limited to mass movement, the player can now move the character freely, see the entire map. Thus during combat will be much more flexible. Players can combine terrain and cards to create the most powerful and unique attacks. Throughout the story, players will experience many different stages such as Adventure, Raids, Dungeon, Gachcas, etc.

The main way to fight in Zold:out is turn-based combat, so Zold:out emphasizes strategy in each level. Each team will consist of four characters who can participate in combat. The player’s task is to coordinate characters, strategically position the entire squad to create the strongest combat power possible.

Rich characters

What I like most about Zold:out is that it has a rich, diverse character system. In Zold:out there are a total of five main races and four different professions. Along the way you will have the opportunity to get to know and collect these characters into your team. Setting up each character is very clear about diverse backgrounds, random personalities that cause many interesting chemistries. Each character has their own story and is closely related to each other and the plot.

Zold-out MOD APK DMG:Defense Multiplier

You will collect these characters into the team in the direction of the cards. On the card, there is enough basic information about the character such as full name, battle score, number of stars, race, profession… The more stars (max is 5 stars), the more rare the card is the more valuable it is, and characters with high combat stats. In addition, Zold:out also has a card upgrade feature, you can upgrade stars to make them stronger.

More battles

In addition to the adventures, collecting default cards, Zold:out has many other features for players to participate in. You can enroll in tactical challenge matches, where hardcore matches are extremely hardcore. Or choose to challenge the Boss to train and receive attractive rewards. Enter the online arena to compete with friends, players around the world and prove yourself by appearing on the global leaderboard.

Great graphics

Just by looking at it, I was captivated by Zold:out’s excellent 3D graphics. With a steampunk style and retro visuals, the game excellently recreates the beautiful 19th-century fantasy Europe. Character design is as beautiful as in the anime movie, combat and motion effects are handled smoothly, suitable for the game style. All of these have given players a great gaming experience.

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